Quick and Easy Food for Sunday’s Big Game – Everything You Need @Walgreens!

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super bowl trophy

Sunday is the big football championship game between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco ’49ers!  Are you having a party to watch the big game with friends, family or a special someone?  Time is short for all of us and Walgreens can make it quick and easy for you!  They have everything you need for a Big Game Feast!  On your way home from work, stop by your local Walgreens.  I shopped on Sunday and because my family is used to doing everything early “for-the-blog”, we had our feast so I could share pictures with you.  We had a blast and it was super easy.

My favorites were the Nice! appetizers.  They are on sale right now for only $2.50/box in the freezer section.  The portions are generous and the food is delicious.  Easy to cook?  They all had similar cooking directions.  I put them on cookie sheets and popped them in a 425 degree oven for 10-12 minutes.  Easy-peasey!


We picked up these for our party:

  • Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
  • Chicken Wings – Honey Bar-B-Que
  • Chicken Wings – Buffalo Style
  • Potato Skins – Cheddar and Bacon
  • Egg Rolls
  • Frozen Pizza Snack Rolls – Pepperoni
  • Stuffed Jalapenos

Mouth watering yet?

Chex Mix and Pistachios

For during-the-game snacks, I picked up Pistachio Nuts and Chex Mix.  The pistachio nuts were on sale AND there was a coupon in the Sunday paper!  That’s when the bargains make me say, WOW!, a sale combined with a coupon.  Or a store coupon combined with a manufacturer coupon.  Did you know that you can stack deals and coupons?  Even if you don’t have tons of time, Walgreen’s often puts a note in their ad when there is also a coupon in the Sunday paper.  Sweet!



I also use the Walgreens app on my phone to look for bargains and special prices.  I love to pull up the ad on my phone app when I’m waiting somewhere.  That’s where I got the screen shop above, about the pistachios.  You can also use the app to make your shopping list.  Either type in the items that you want, or go to the list view of the weekly ad and click on the item name and then click “Add to my Shopping List”.  With Walgreens Balance Rewards program, you can add rewards, as well!  I always watch for the points on the products I need.


We love football, so I already had quite a few football-themed decorations but you can also pick those up at Walgreens.  I bought the football-shaped chip n’ dip bowl at my Walgreens- perfect for the dippable appetizers.

P dessertAnd don’t forget dessert!  Check out the cupcakes at Walgreens.


Bacon Wrapped Sausages

If you have a bit more time to cook, here’s a recipe for Bacon Wrapped Sausages that a football crowd will love.  Still pretty quick and easy!

Vienna Sausages


Maple Syrup


Drizzle Nice! Syrup

Partially cook the bacon and drain off some of the fat.  Don’t overcook, slices need to be pliable to wrap.  Cut each slice in half and wrap around a sausage, secure with a toothpick.  Place wrapped sausages on a rack inside a baking pan.  Drizzle with maple syrup and shake on pepper.  Bake for twenty minutes at 425 degrees.

I also found ingredients at my Walgreens for dip – sour cream, cream cheese, and ranch dressing.  A friend of mine always makes ham rolls, and I found the ingredients for those at Walgreens too (ham lunch meat, cream cheese and pickles).  Of course, they have the ever popular salsa and chips.  A huge selection of chips, snacks, trail mixes, and nuts at Walgreens, let’s you choose your favorites.


Here are some easy games to play for your party!  Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to keep the attention of little ones during a football game, but if you give them a fun side-game, they might pay more attention and learn something, too!  And prizes don’t hurt, *smile*.

First Down Frenzy

Items to play:  Small bucket or container with team name and child’s name; Rewards (candy, nickels, quarters, toys)

Directions:  Each football team in the Big Game gets four chances to move the ball ten yards (show child how far ten yards is).  Whenever they get ten yards, it’s called a “first down”.  Each child reads the team name on their bucket.  When that team earns a first down, the first kid to call out “First Down Frenzy” gets a reward to put in their bucket.

This will help kids understand the game and root for “their” team!

Big Game Bingo

Items to play:  Bingo cards, sharpie pens, a prize

Directions:  Before the game, make up bingo cards with 5 x 5 squares.  Write one of the “events” below in each square in random order.  When someone sees the “event” happen, they place an X in that square.  The first person to get a row or column X’d out, shouts “Big Game Bingo” and wins the prize.

If you are open to betting for money, each person can “buy” their bingo card for a set amount and that goes into a pool to create the prize.

Events:  Coin Toss, First Down, Sack, Touchdown, Field Goal, Cheerleader, Mascot, Beer Commercial, Safety, Sidelines, Star Spangled Banner, Pass, Penalty, Run, Blitz, Interception, Coach, Fumble, Fair Catch, Car Commercial, Danica Patrick Commercial, Punt, Halftime Show, Commercial with Animal, Face Paint.  It’s also fun to write your own custom, ie Uncle Joe jumps up from chair.

Game Squares

Create a grid with the 10 squares across the top and 10 squares down the side.  Pass it around and have each guest write down their initials in a square.  Keep going until all squares are filled.  Then randomly draw numbers from 0-9 and write them down the side and across the top.  Randomly draw the name of each team to put across the top or down the side.  At the end of each quarter, whoever has the square with the same score as the game wins a prize.  For example, if at the end of the first quarter the score is 14-0, whoever has the square “4-0” wins!  If you are open to betting for money, each person can put a specified amount in the prize pot.

So if you’re wondering how you will find the time to shop and cook for Sunday’s Big Game?  Stop at Walgreens – you’ll be surprised at the selection and reasonable prices.

If you want to see more pictures of my shopping trip to Walgreens, there are pictures in my “Party Food for Sunday’s Big Game” Google + album.

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    What an awesome football inspired feast! I think I need to pick up some of those Nice! appetizers for our game day!

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    Those Nice! Appetizers look great! And looks like you had a great party. I don’t think I’ve ever seen cupcakes at Walgreens but then again I’ve never looked for them…LOL Love the decorations!

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