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Somber voice….“My name is Kelly.  I am a packing addict.”

Yes, I am obsessed with packing.  I am blessed to travel frequently and packing has become a game… an Olympic sport… a challenge!  If you remember my crazy Walt Disney World packing list (even my mom said that was over-the-top), I tend to over plan.  Ahem.  A bit.

But really, doesn’t it make a huge difference in your comfort level when you travel if you a. have everything you need; b. can find everything you need; and c. can carry your bags more than a few feet?

Traveling with a little one has added more challenges.  I can truly say, I’m glad I don’t have the diaper bag challenge anymore!

But one thing that I didn’t have before children is a need to take food with me when I travel.  But, especially when traveling, (but really all the time) my daughter has a much more positive attitude (ie she’s not grumpy) if she isn’t hungry or thirsty.  When you are traveling, the restaurant lines can be long, it can be difficult to even find somewhere to eat, whatever the reason, we can’t always buy food when traveling.  Necessitating what I call our “snack bag”.

Combine the need for handy snacks with trying to eat healthy, and you have a challenge on your hands.  Fresh food/healthy food, often needs cooling.  Generally the longer the shelf life, the unhealthier the food.

When we went to Walt Disney World earlier this year, we traveled with my daughter’s best friend who has a number of food allergies.  That kicks the travel food challenge up to a whole new level and it becomes a necessity to travel with food.

Welcome the Crew Cooler II!

Who designs the best travel gear?  Those who use it the most, of course – Flight Attendants and Pilots!  The Crew Cooler II was designed specifically for their unique needs.  There are several compartments.  The main body is insulated on every side and has a PVA liner that is replaceable.  The top compartment is perfect for food items that don’t need to be kept cold.  It’s roomy and has easy access with two high-quality zipper pulls.  The front compartment has  “tip-out pocket” so you can find things easily without dumping them all out. Mesh bottle holders on each side give you a convenient place for open beverages.

The Crew Cooler II currently has 971 reviews on and 97% recommend it!!  It comes in 6 different colors and sells for $31.99 right now, with free shipping!

I used the top compartment for my food diary and other paperwork!

We took a quick camping trip and I didn’t want to abandon my diet so I had “my” food to take.  The Crew Cooler II was perfect!  Everything was neatly organized in one place.  Kept cool.  And it is a perfect, neat little size.  Our camper has narrow, vertical cabinets and the Crew Cooler II fit perfectly.  *High five* for packing success!

Main compartment of the Crew Cooler II.

The Crew Cooler II fit perfectly into our camper.

I’ve been very impressed with the numerous purchases I’ve made from  The website is easy-to-use, their are many helpful customer reviews.  Prices are reasonable and shipping is reliable.  It doesn’t get any better than that!  This is the second bag I’ve had that is actually branded “EBags” and I’ve been very satisfied with the quality.  For me, a piece of luggage is only as good as it’s zipper and EBags has very good zippers!

The other “bag” I have from EBags is their packing cubes.  Have you tried packing cubes?  I’ve read rave reviews over the years, and finally gave in and bought some for the Walt Disney World trip.  Wow.  No wonder people rave!  These things are awesome.  It lets you separate your clothes from the kids, keep outfits organized, keep clothes from bunching up in a pile.  Nothing like your kids throwing your underwear all over the room trying to find their pajamas.  Know what I mean?  Packing cubes end that nonsense.  They also worked perfectly on our little camping trip – fitting into cabinets that luggage never would have.

For more info, visit:

EBags Website 

EBags on Twitter

EBags on Facebook

Ebags on Pinterest

Notice of Material Disclosure:  All opinions are my own, unless otherwise stated.  I received the Crew Cooler II for review purposes.  This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. 


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