Real Life. Real Stories. Be Active, Because “Like Mother, Like Daughter”.

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“Like mother, like daughter.”

I looked up the meaning of the idiom,  “Like mother, like daughter” and The Free Dictionary said, “Daughters tend to do what their mothers did before them.”  Uh, oh!  That makes me nervous.

I’m happy to say that I have passed on at least one positive thing to my daughter.  This year she joined the Run Club at her school!  I was so excited.  If you’ve been reading KLY, you know that I started running last year.  I started with a couch to 5K program.  Emphasis on “couch”.  Overweight, out-of-shape, on the older end of the age spectrum, ahem.  Definitely, emphasis on “couch”.  The first night, we started with running minute. walking two minutes and repeating that four times.  Gradually, the running times increased and the walking times decreased.  Time passed with my getting stronger each run.  Yesterday, I ran eight miles before I walked and completed the 13.1 miles of a half marathon.  And all those times I laced up my shoes. I didn’t realize that my daughter was watching… and learning.  This year when she heard about her Run Club at school, she asked me if she could join.  *HeartSinging*  “Like mother, like daughter” isn’t so scary any more.

#cbias-Under Armour-Running Gear

One of the most important things I want to pass on to my child is a respect for health.  I want her to be grateful for the good health, strong muscles, and natural abilities she’s been given and to know that they require a mindful maintenance.  I hope that she will find a sport she loves that she will be able to continue for her entire life.  I came to running late in life, but my parents always encouraged exercise and healthy eating.  An active lifestyle is something that I hope will enrich my daughter’s life from now until well into old age.

#ZapposStyle #MC #Sponsored Under Armour Hoodie

One of the many side benefits of running is the fashion choices it has encouraged Rosie to make.  My daughter is a girly-girl (she wears tutu skirts horseback riding) but I’ve always watched that her clothing be age appropriate.  That’s getting harder and harder as she gets older!  When Rosie started grabbing running shirts, capris, and athletic shoes out of her closet, I was thrilled.  Under Armour is the hot brand and they’ve been able to satisfy her girly-girl side with hot neon colors, without sacrificing performance.  In the short video below, Rosie is wearing her favorite Under Armour outfit.  The capris are as nice looking as they are comfortable.  The shirt is performance material that keeps her cool when running and the UA logo adds the “in” factor.  Her Under Armour running shoes give her the extra push to help her run her fastest and I know that they are a quality that will protect her feet.  Rosie loves wearing her running clothes, whether she has Run Club or is just playing with her friends.  Under Armour has the comfort and style to fit into her everyday life.

Five bloggers created videos of their kids showing how Under Armour fits into their everyday lives.  Check it out and be sure to stay to the end (you’ll see Rosie!).

And this is another area where I’m loving the “Like mother, like daughter” because Under Armour is some of my favorite running gear.  Last winter was rough weather in Chicago, but my Under Armour ColdGear kept me running through the worst of it.  My absolute favorite top is a ColdGear high neck that has a special vented material to breath through if you pull it over your face and fold-over mittens.  It saved me last year and I’ve already bought two more in different colors for this winter!  I’ve found every piece of Under Armour I’ve purchased to have the technical performance details that make it functional without sacrificing style.  There’s nothing more disappointing than buying something that looks fantastic but chafes or doesn’t wick moisture or is just too hot or cold.  Or having your most comfortable bottoms be solid black (yawn).  Just because you’re a runner doesn’t mean you can’t look good.  My favorite bottoms are Under Armour ColdGear, black with neon orange half-stripes on the legs and I get compliments every time I wear them.

#cbias-Under Armour-Running Gear 2

As much as I’m a fan of running and enjoy it, there are days when I still wonder why I’m doing it.  It’s not easy.  I know it’s good for my heart, good for my mental health, and keeps me at a healthier weight.  Probably the best thing it does is give me a sense of accomplishment.  I set goals and I meet them.  That feels good.  But it’s still easier to sit on the couch and watch tv.  Especially when it’s cold, or raining, or I’m tired.  One tip my running buddy gave me to help me get out-the-door, is to wear my running clothes on the days I’m planning to run.  When you are already dressed and ready to go, it’s harder to find an excuse to stay on the couch.  With Under Armour, you can fit running clothes into your everyday life.

Under Armour Twist Tee w Text and Rosie


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