Recipe for a Spooky Celebration with M&M’s Caramel Apples, Mars Candy, Hawaiian Punch and 7UP

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#CBias #SpookyCelebration Mars Candy Ready for Party or Trick or Treat

Whether you are entertaining with a big party or just your family, Halloween is a fun time to get creative with cooking and crafts for Halloween Celebrations!  Here are some spooky Halloween Recipes – Hawaiian Punch and 7UP make a delicious (and a bit scary!) Halloween Punch and I used M&M’s for a cute Halloween Dessert.

#CBias #SpookyCelebration Mars Candy in Bags

How many trick-or-treaters do you have come to your door on Halloween?  It varies quite a bit from year to year in our neighborhood.  As a consequence, some years we run out of candy and some years we have a lot left over.  We’ve learned to buy candy we like, just in case there’s candy left at the end of the night.  High on our list of favorites are Mars Candy varieties.  I was excited to see variety bags at Walmart so I could get a bargain on buying a big quantity but still get variety.  I picked up a 230-piece bag that has Snickers, Twix, 3 Musketeers and Milky Way!  Then a 55-piece bag of M&M’s with Plain, Peanut, and Peanut Butter completed the 2013 KLY family Halloween Treats.

#CBias #SpookyCelebration Mars Candy Last Picture All Food

We have a tradition on Halloween night of making a dinner of either chili or sloppy joes – perfect for fall!  Sean puts on the Halloween music and we wait for trick or treaters to start arriving.  In the past, my Mom has joined us to hand out candy while Sean and I took Rosie around the neighborhood.  This year *sniff* *sniff*, I think she might be old enough to go by herself.  What will you do on Halloween evening?  Here are some ideas, whether you are celebrating with your family or having a party!

#CBias #SpookyCelebration Mars Candy Caramel Apples with M&M's Candy 2

One of the fall treats that I love every year is caramel apples.  But to make them a Halloween treat, I added a craft element and turned them into fun spiders!  Adding crushed M&M’s complemented the creamy caramel with sweet chocolate, a perfect partnership.  Here’s how to make these fun creations.

#CBias #SpookyCelebration Mars Candy Caramel Apples with M&M's Candy

Halloween Treat Caramel Apples

The ingredients you’ll need are:

    • 6 Apples
    • 1 bag of caramels
    • 6 Wooden Sticks
    • 2 Tbs of water
    • Crushed M&Ms
    • Sheet of Wax Paper
    • Stick of Butter

First, wash apples and remove stems.  Put a wooden stick in each apple.

Tip:  The traditional caramel apple is made with a Granny Smith which has a slightly tart taste that combines well with the buttery, sweetness of the caramel.  For something new, I tried Red Delicious, but I think next time I would try more of a short, round shaped apple like a Gala.  For size, I’d recommend something the size of a baseball or smaller.  You can use popsicle/craft sticks but I found some cute Halloween lollipop sticks at Walmart.  They aren’t as strong as popsicle sticks, another reason for choosing smaller apples!  

The caramel covered apples will set in the refrigerator and the best way to keep them from sticking is to place them on buttered wax paper

#CBias #SpookyCelebration Mars Candy Butter Wax Paper with Text

Unwrap the caramels and place in a small saucepan.  Add 2 Tbs of water and melt on medium heat.

#CBias #SpookyCelebration Mars Candy Melt Caramel with Text

Spoon the caramel onto the apples.

#CBias #SpookyCelebration Mars Candy Spoon Caramel with Text

Put M&M’s in a Ziploc bag, then use a rolling pin to break them into small pieces.  Put into medium sized bowl.  Roll apple in M&M’s pieces.

Tip:  Depending on where you want the M&M’s, you may need to let the caramel cool a bit before rolling in the candy.  I wanted them on the bottom of the apple, so I did it right away, but if you want them all over the apple, wait for the caramel to cool, but still be sticky, before rolling in candy.

#CBias #SpookyCelebration Mars Candy Roll in M&M Pieces with text 2

Place on the the buttered wax paper and cool in refrigerator for at least an hour before serving.  YUM!

Tip for Decorating the Caramel Apple:  I picked up a cupcake decorating kit at Walmart and used it to create my spidey caramel apples, but you could also have fun doing this with pipe cleaners and craft googley eyes!

Halloween Punch

Now… it’s not a party without PUNCH!  And Halloween is the perfect opportunity to make some spooky (as in, sp-o-o-o-o-o-o-ky) punch.  The color for this holiday food has to be red!  Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red is delicious and a perfect color.  To add some additional creepiness, I put a “bloody” hand into the ice bucket!  It’s easier than you would think.  You just need some disposable gloves.  That’s it!  Fill a disposable glove with either water, or for this “bloody” hand, some Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red.

#Cbias #SpookyCelebration Hawaiian Punch Bloody Hand in Freezer w text

Look how cool this comes out!  I broke a finger (didn’t quite let it freeze long enough) but that made it extra gruesome!  As it melts, it provides a trail of “blood” in the ice bucket.  Fun!

#CBias #SpookyCelebration Mars Candy Hawaiian Punch 7UP Hand

Tip:  We mixed equal parts of 7Up and Hawaiian Punch for our Halloween Punch, but if you want to go a bit further, float some raspberry sherbet in the bowl.  YUM!

#CBias #SpookyCelebration Mars Candy Hawaiian Punch 7UP Landscape

Happy Halloween from our family to ours!  Enjoy a Spooky Celebration with M&M’s Caramel Apples, Mars Candy, Hawaiian Punch and 7Up!

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    The Halloween Treat Caramel Apples look delicious!! What a special treat!

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    Looks great!! Love the hand idea. I’m going to have to try this with my kids.
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    Helen May says:

    So excellent ideas! I’ll have to try some! Great pictures.

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    amanda whitley says:

    thats too cute!!! i dont know about the latex glove hand punch since people are allergic to latex but i suppose you could buy the non latex ones.

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    sally guenterberg says:

    Love the frozen hand idea. I should make caramel apples, I havent done that in years.

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    Holly Thomas says:

    I am going to try to make the caramel apples this year!!

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