Review: Adventures on Misty Island from Mega Brands

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Rosie and I have had so much fun with this toy!  It’s a great combination of building with blocks and trains.  So fun to complete building a track and watch the train zoom down the mountain.  And it did zoom!  It was fast enough to elicit giggles from Rosie (and me!).

The set includes 101 pieces – plenty to make tunnels, barricades, mountains, lakes, trees.  I’m not the best at figuring out how to put things together, but by looking at the pictures on the box and in the instructions, I did pretty well.  The pieces are large enough for little hands to play with and put together.

Thomas, the train from Public Television and his friend James were included in the set.  Rosie is not a big Thomas fan, but she still loved playing with it.  If your child is a Thomas-watcher, that would be even more reason for them to love this toy.

On the website, it says recommended for children 3+, but I think I would recommend it for older children more.  Rosie is five and a great age for this toy because she can build.  The building part of the play is a big part of the fun.  If you are looking for just a train set, I think there are more appropriate ones out there.  But if your child enjoys playing with blocks, this one is perfect!

Rosie and I give Adventures on Misty Island an enthusiastic thumbs-up!

Disclosure:  I was given an Adventures on Misty Island Set from Mega Brands at the Team Mom, Chicago Bloggers Brunch.

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