Review: Crafty Bands – Perfect for Easter Baskets!

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My daughter and I LOVE Crafty Bands!  We have had so much fun with these customizable bracelets.  In fact, Rosie liked them so much she wanted to make one for each of the girls in her first grade class.  I ordered more supplies and we did!  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Rewind, I’ll start at the beginning…

What are Crafty Bands?

Crafty Bands are fun bracelets with pop-on “charms”.  Easy-to-make, the charms can be photos, printed words, initials, or anything you want!  Rosie wanted to make each bracelet with the girl’s picture, and an “I”, “Heart”, the logo of her school, and “2013”.

How do you make the Crafty Band charms?

The Crafty Bands kit comes with a punch to create a round medallion.  You put in your picture, stick on a clear dot, close the punch and smoosh!  The punch cuts the picture and press on the clear dot.  Then you glue it into a plastic frame that snaps into the bracelet.  Easy-peasey!


Why are Crafty Bands special?

The combination of a creative craft and jewelry makes this fun for little girls.  Because it is customizable, it is truly special.  All kids like to create something unique!

Where can I find Crafty Bands?

You can buy a Crafty Bands kit at HearthSong!  I would recommend buying extra refills, too.  You’re going to love it.


The bracelets come in six “yummy” colors:

Bubble Gum
Peachcrafty bands kit

Perfect for Easter gift-giving, everyone will enjoy making the charms at your Easter party.

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Disclosure of Material Connection:  I was sent the original Crafty Bands kit for review and loved it so much I purchased the refill packs to make bracelets for all the girls in my daughter’s class.

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