Review: Cuddle, CuddleUppets! Blankets That Are Puppets!

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If you are singing the jingle right now, I know you are a mom!  Rosie has been singing the adorable song for two days now, since I gave her a Monkey CuddleUppet.  She has had so much fun with this blanket, combined with a puppet.  It has been named, “Molly”!

CuddleUppets come in a variety of styles, including:  Pink Poodle; Purple Monkey; Yellow Puppy; Green Crocodile; Blue Elephant; and Brown Bear.  They are all adorable!

When we drove to the Cody Simpson concert, Rosie insisted on taking Molly, her Purple Monkey CuddleUppet.  At first I thought, a blanket?  Really?  It’s 94 degrees?  But in the car, the a/c can get chilly and it’s much cozier travelling with a soft blanket and buddy.  I’m guessing that when we go to Washington, DC this month, Molly will be coming with us again.  What better way to stay cozy when travelling!  Hmmmm, maybe I should have one too?!

If your little ones will be travelling this summer, even if it’s just to grandma’s house, consider sending them with a buddy – a CuddleUppet!

Ready for the song?

The CuddleUppet animals can be bought online at . Retail Value = $19.99 with bulk purchase discounts.

Disclosure of Material Connection:  I was sent a CuddleUppet for review.  All opinions are my own.


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    Love CuddleUppets! My boys have the Green Crocodile and they are certainly so soft and adorable!

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