Review: Emily Castles Mystery Series by Helen Smith

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“Three Sisters”  is  novella-length(approx. 70 pages) story, the first in the Emily Castles mystery series written by Helen Smith.

The heroine of the book is Emily Castles, a young woman living in London.  Her dear dog dies and to keep herself busy, she attends a party in her neighborhood.  It took me a bit to accustom myself to the writing style of author, Helen Smith.  The British spelling of words and the unusual twist that Ms. Smith puts on her descriptions, threw me off at first.  The beginning is quite extensive descriptions of the neighborhood and it’s inhabitants.  Then the descriptions of a somewhat bizarre party had me questioning.  By the time the action began, I had not only gotten used to the writing, I was thoroughly enjoying it!

“So we have suspects, Dr. Muriel said, but no murder.  That’s interesting.  That’s a conundrum.”

Emily Castles is certain that she has witnessed a murder, but it appears that the victim is still alive!  How can it be?  She begins searching for a body, to prove to herself that she did indeed see a murder.


This was a very fun read. I enjoyed it and although the ending wasn’t a surprise, there were enough twists and turns to surprise me along the way.

The second book in the series is “Showstoppers”.  In “Showstoppers”, Emily helps out at a local stage school run by her neighbor, Victoria. Soon she’s mixed up in a blackmail plot and two deaths. Emily and Dr. Muriel team up to prevent further a massacre live on stage during the end of term show.

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    Thanks for the review. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. It was fun to write and it always makes me happy when people say it’s fun to read.

    All the best

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