Review: Foldflops!

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How many times have you wished you had a pair of flip flops?  I’ve been in Chicago and found out I mistakenly wore shoes that hurt.  They don’t hurt for the first half hour I wear them, but walking distances?  Ouch!  Wish I had some flip flops!  Or I go for a pedicure and the pedicurist says, “Did you bring your own flip flops or would you like a pair of ours?”  *slapping forehead* “I forgot, again!”

Well, now I don’t have to remember.  I have foldflops and I’m going to put them in the glove box of my car.  They will be ready to go when I need them – no remembering involved.

When I first put on the foldflops I was surprised.  I expected flimsy salon-like flip flops that would basically be putting something between you and the street with the strength of a piece of paper.  The foldflops are actually pretty supportive and comfortable without the bulk!  They have a V-shaped cut in the middle of the sole so that you can fold them without wrecking the sole.  So simple and smart!

Now, if only I looked like this in my foldflops. Hubby would buy a lifetime supply, hehehe.

The foldflops come with two rubber bands similar to plastic/rubber wristbands to hold each shoe closed.  I got the black ones and they look perfect for in the city.  I will definitely take these next time I make a trip that I know will have a lot of walking.  Hmmm, if you know someone who “has everything”, these would make a fun Christmas gift!  How fun would it be if you have a company that gives away logo products to employees?  What a cool giveaway!

foldflops were featured in Nail Pro magazine!

Where would you wear your foldflops?

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Disclosure of Material Connection:  This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media.  All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.  I was sent a pair of foldflops in the hope that I would review them on my blog.  I am disclosing a material connection in accordance with FTC guidelines.

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