Giveaway from the Holiday Gift Guide – for Kids: Hallmark Prize Pack with Jingle the Husky Pup Interactive Story Book and Story Buddy/Rapunzel Keepsake Ornament

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Story time is not just for reading anymore.

Hallmark is bringing stories to life in a whole new way.

With Christmas coming up, my two year old daughter Katherine, has decided that she wants a real puppy all wrapped up waiting for her under the tree.  Well that’s not going to happen!  As cute as she is while giving me the “look”…you know THAT look… the look that all little girls give you when asking for something, they know they are most likely not going to get.  Even though I want to respond to her cute little face with, “Do you see pigs flying today?”, I maintain and listen to her with all the intensity that I can muster. She says, (her exact words), “Don’t even think about buying me a fake puppy, buy me a real one.”  Being that she’s two, she’s all about cute puppies, but of course not about the cute little messes they make.

When I showed Katherine the Jingle preview online at the Hallmark website, she went crazy. *Wise mommy smile*, I think for now she will be content with this “fake” puppy under the tree, named Jingle the Husky Pup!  I love that it comes with a book, “Jingle All the Way”.  Don’t you love when the plush and book come together?  And to make it even more exciting for her, it’s an interactive book!

Hallmark helps parents find fun ways to read with their children this holiday season by bringing this Interactive Story Buddyâ„¢, Jingle, to life.  I plan on nestling in with my little one and enjoying the fun as Jingle comes to life when his story is read. While you read the story and say key phrases, (shown in red), Jingle responds to the phrases. It’s really a cute idea.

Jingle even has his own movie, this year!  It airs November 25th on the Hallmark Channel.  You can check out a preview of this new original animated special, “Jingle All the Way” starring Jingle the Husky Pup on the website also.  It will also give you an idea of what the illustrations are like in the book.  Warning, it’s adorable!  The complete Jingle collection includes more books, including another interactive book, “A Snow Day for Jingle”.  There are also Jingle ornaments, cards, and more.

Speaking of ornaments, what are yours like?  My favorite is a mixed collection of ornaments gathered through the years.  The gifts, the ones we picked up on vacation, the antique passed down ornaments.  I have quite a few Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments and each one tells a story.  Decorating the tree is like a family history lesson!  And children can choose their favorite Keepsake Ornaments each year because there are special ones, just for kids – from Disney characters, to sports figures, movie-themed ornaments, and more!  A friend of mine has a lovely tradition, every Black Friday, she takes her kids to Hallmark and they choose a special Keepsake Ornament to symbolize and celebrate another year.

With the holiday season starting, it’s easy to get caught up with to-do lists and expectations of the “perfect holiday”.  But Hallmark knows that it’s not the “picture perfect” situations that bring us the most joy.  Joy and laughter comes with spending time with those we love and it doesn’t matter if we have a Charlie-Brown-type tree, matching decorations, or gourmet food.  It’s the “perfectly imperfect moments” that we will remember and treasure.

As a Reading teacher, let me leave you with this key phrase: Story time is a special occasion because life is a special occasion. Enjoy it with someone you love :)

One lucky KLY reader is going to win their own Hallmark Holiday Prize Pack including:

  • Rapunzel (from Tangled) Keepsake Ornament.
  • Jingle the Husky Pup Interactive Storybook and Story Buddy.
Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter to win!  And everyone can use this 20% discount code (minimum purchase $20) at for personalized greetings.  You can create and send personalized holiday paper cards from the comfort of your own home (you can make the cards in your pajamas if you want)! Simply pick your favorite holiday card design, customize it with a photo and a personal message, upload your address book, and Hallmark will do the rest! From addressing and stamping to mailing your season’s greetings, Hallmark has it all under control.  Use the discount code SOCIAL20 (valid 11/1/11 – 1/1/12).

Disclosure of Material Connection:  All opinions are Kelly’s or Jaime’s, unless otherwise stated.  I will receive a Holiday Gift Pack.  This disclosure is in accordance with FTC guidelines.


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    my favorite hallmark ornament is the baby first birth day/ Christmas with your child d.o.b. lovely

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