Review: Kati Tea Brewing System by Tea Forte – One of Oprah’s Favorite Things!

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When I first opened my box from Tea forte, I fell in love.  I’m one of those people that just likes beautiful things.  I’ve always noticed packaging, presentation, etc.  Tea forte has products that appeal to all of your senses and they just have beautiful things.  Speaking of beautiful things… the Kati Tea Brewing System was chosen as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things!

Tea evokes so many feelings for me.  Comfort… warmth… sophistication… The brewing process is part of the whole experience.  I’ve never seen anything like the Kati System and I love, love, love it.  The little metal screen that fits on top of the cup holds loose tea.  The ceramic lid keeps everything hot while the tea steeps.

And the tea itself?  Ah, the packaging is heavenly.  I keep mine in my pantry right in the front.  It is just so pretty!  And in addition to everything else, it’s healthy.  Dr. Oz recommends drinking tea and Tea forte has many health-filled blends and delicious choices.  I bought the Cherry Marzipan; Blueberry Merlot; and the Apricot Amaretto.  Just the names make my mouth water!

I have two of the Kati Tea Brewing Systems, the Tree Top and Green Leaves.  I love both of them and use them for everything I drink, not just tea!

Tea forte is sponsoring a giveaway of their Iced Tea Brewing System “Tea-Over-Ice” that uses a flash chill to make the most delicious and cold iced tea that I’ve ever had.  Enter to win here!

Notice of Material Disclosure:  I was given an Iced Tea Brewing System for review.  The Kati Tea Systems and loose teas were purchased.  




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    I want to like tea but I just haven’t gotten over that hill yet. Surprisingly I started liking green tea so maybe all hope’s not lost yet :)

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