Review: Make Learning Fun With Tiggly Shapes – Ages 18 mos to 4 Yrs Old

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How often do your kids play with your iPad or iPad mini?  If you are like our family, we entertain the kids with it fairly often.  Are you always on the lookout for games and activities for them?  I found a fun, educational app that helps teach shapes and fundamental geometry concepts.  It also improves language skills and helps develop motor skills, spatial thinking and creativity.  But kids won’t even know that’s happening as they

Tiggly Box



Tiggly Box 2


Tiggly is a learning company that creates hands-on toys that work together with free apps on the iPad.  They combine physical play and digital fun.  Inspired by the classic wooden block, Tiggly has created “Tiggly Shapes”.  Four easy-to-hold colorful shapes perfect for little hands.


Tiggly Shapes


Tiggly Shapes are recommended for ages 18 months to 4 years old.  Even though my daughter is older, I had her test it out and try it with a younger neighbor.  Tiggly Shapes was a hit!  Moms will like that Tiggly Shapes also includes a carrying pouch so the pieces all stay together and it is easy to grab-and-go for travel or even when you’re eating out and need distractions.


Tiggly App

Tiggly App 2

The apps themselves have bright colors and fun games designed by education experts.

Tiggly Stamp: Kids explore the seasons while creating their own scenes and stories. Parents and children can use the camera and voice recorder to save the fun tales they dream up.

Tiggly Safari: Children use Tiggly Shapes to create friendly animals from the jungle, farm, and sea.

Tiggly Draw: Time to use your imagination! Kids use their iPad as their canvas and Tiggly Shapes as their tools to craft their own works of art.

Where to Buy

Connect with Tiggly

Website: Visit  Tiggly for the latest on Tiggly and to find tips and advice for parents on the Tiggly blog!

Facebook:  Tiggly Facebook Page

Twitter:  Tweet with @TigglyKids

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