Review: RepairPal 2.0 Mobile App for iPhone #CleverRepairPal #CleverMobile

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Car repairs and maintenance?

My car is due for an oil change and luckily, I’ve been contacted about doing a review for an iPhone app – RepairPal!  Easy to download, the price is only $4.99 and this app can easily save you way more than that the first time you use it.

When you start with the app, it takes you on a “short tour”

Find A Shop – find shops and dealerships near you

Get Estimate – Know how much your repair or service should cost and what to ask

Manage Your Car – Track what’s been done and what’s coming up

Keep Track – of one or more cars

Roadside Assistance – get help when you need it most

I started by touching, “Find A Shop”.  After putting in my zip code and the mile radius I wanted to include, I got a list of places to choose from.  The shop information included the address and phone number.  Quick touch and I called the first one.  Option 1:  Oil Changes start at $34.99 incl filter and 5 quarts of oil   Option 2:  Signature Oil Change (oil, filter, 5 quarts of oil, various system checks, vacuum, etc) $39.99 .

When I touched, “Get An Estimate”, I got a list of repairs/maintenance and scrolled down to “Oil and Filter Change” .  It told me that for my make and model of car, it should cost between $27 and $60.  There was also detailed info to tell me that the estimate includes:  engine oil; oil drain plug gasket; and oil filter.

Maintenance schedules for your vehicle are also included in the “Get an Estimate” section.  For my car, the 15,000 Mile Service should cost between $48 and $87.  It should include:  engine oil, oil drain plug gasket; oil filter at a parts cost of $27 to $60 and Labor including: Inspect the Accessory drive belt, brake hoses, driveshaft boots, engine coolant level, hoses, clamps, exhaust system.  Replace engine oil and filter.  Rotate and inspect tires.  Great info!!

One other main feature of this app is the ability to record and track your repair/maintenance history.  The “My Car” section shows your car’s nickname – Rosie named ours “Minnie” – and lists repair estimates you researched.  Once you’ve had the repair/maintenance action completed, you can enter in the mileage at the time of service, the price you paid, and any notes.  Nifty!!  Sean always keeps a little notebook in our car to keep track of maintenance on our cars, and this is much more efficient.  I love that it’s online, so you can’t lose it!

Perhaps even more important will be using this for repairs.  The information under each repair is very extensive.  For example, I looked up replacing the Door Window Motor and learned that Common Symptoms are “Due to a failing door window motor, the window may not open or close.  It could also work intermittently.  Problems with power windows are commonly caused by faults in the switches or wiring.  The switches and wiring should be checked thoroughly before replacing a window motor.”

Have you considered having some maintenance service done to your car, but haven’t because you have no idea how much it costs?  For example, I didn’t know how much a tire rotation cost.  Now I do *big smile*!  $69 to $88.  That will help me budget and plan.

The RepairPal 2.0 Mobile app sells for US$4.99. Click here to purchase the RepairPal 2.0 Mobile App or to learn more about it.

I was selected for this sponsored review by the Clever Girls Collective and received the RepairPal 2.0 Mobile app for free. To learn more about RepairPal 2.0, please visit their wesbite.

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