Review: “The Perfect Portion Cookbook” Co-Written By Anson Williams, Bob Warden, and Mona Dolgov

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Disclosure:  KLY was sent a copy of “The Perfect Portion Cookbook” for review.

Portion, portion, portion.  Losing weight, maintaining your ideal weight, it’s all about portion size.  Many people have found that deprivation or major changes in what they eat don’t work for them as well as controlling portion size.  But it’s complicated to figure out what the right portion size looks like.


Anson Williams was in his local grocery store one day and saw 100 calorie portion snack packs – a “light-bulb” went off.  How easy it is to control calories when everything is divided into 100 calorie sections, right?!  If only there was a cookbook that would show you the size of a 100 calorie portion… now there is!  As it says in the acknowledgements, this is a first-of-its-kind cookbook.  A team of talented chefs, recipe writers, testers and nutritionists created a cookbook that not only has delicious recipes, but also accurate easy-to-measure 100 calorie portions.  Smart!

The cookbook includes over a dozen recipe choices in each of the following categories with 150 recipes in total:

  • Breakfast
  • Soups, Salads & Sandwiches
  • Casseroles & One-Pot Meals
  • Everyday Meals
  • Sides
  • Entertaining
  • Holiday Favorites
  • Dressings, Sauces & Jams
  • Desserts

In addition to the recipes, the cookbook includes:

  • How to Use This Book
  • Making a Meal Plan
  • Calorie Goal-Planning Guide
  • 7 Day Sample Menus
  • 100 Calorie Portion Charts
  • Smart Snacking
  • Tipping the Scales
  • How to Burn 100 Calories

The photographs are often as important as the words in a cookbook and “The Perfect Portion Cookbook” doesn’t disappoint with large, clear, mouth-watering photographs of the delicious foods.  The recipes themselves are easy to read with ingredients in large, bold type and the directions are in numbered, short sections.  The spacing makes the recipes readable at-a-glance and “helpful tips” add important, fun information.  Most important to the unique nature of this cookbook, there are visual chart-type representations of the calorie portions that make it easy to understand how to find the right size for your plan.  For example, the first recipe is for Quiche Lorraine and there is a large, clear pie chart on the recipe page showing that 100 calories would be 1/12 of the quiche.  Also, included is the Recommended Serving, in this case for breakfast, 2 slices or 200 calories.  Occasionally there is a two page spread that includes step-by-step photographs, walking the reader through the exact process of creating a dish.


I learned in the press release that “The Perfect Portion Cookbook” was co-written with New York Times best-selling cookbook author Bob Warden (QVC host) and food/nutrition expert Mona Dolgov.  Anson Williams is the architect of the book and chief tasting officer.

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Eat what you love, without guilt!

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For more information:

The Perfect Portion Cookbook on Facebook

The Perfect Portion Cookbook Website

Twitter and Instagram:  @100calportions

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