Sailing on the Disney Wonder – The Food, Glorious Food! #DisneyCruise

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Disney General Disclosure

When you hear the word, “cruise”, what do you think of?  Amazing food, I know, right?  No matter what the destination, cruise ships are known for having delicious and plentiful food!

You can count on Disney for fun, luxury accommodations, world-class service AND incredibly delicious food.  There are numerous restaurants on the ship, from pizza counters to fine dining.  Meals or snacks are available at all times of the day or night.

Food 746

Room service is included in your cruise – there is no extra charge. I loved having breakfast in my cabin. Cozy in my bathrobe, watching the Alaska scenery.

For breakfast, my favorite was room service.  It was a quiet way to start my day – I like my first cup of coffee before I get dressed.  Ah, the luxury!  But we did try the restaurant, as well.  Beach Blanket Buffet was also available.  Truly, anything you desire!

Three treats from the tantalizing dessert station at Beach Blanket Buffet

Three treats from the tantalizing dessert station at Beach Blanket Buffet

For lunch, our favorite was the Beach Blanket Buffet.  There were varied and tasty choices on the buffet line and then a freshly-made option at the a station serving pasta, salads, rice dishes, and more.  You could sit inside or outside.  Oh!  How could I forget?  There was also a tantalizing buffet station dedicated to desserts. One small touch that I particularly appreciated were the cards describing each of the foods.  Sometimes on a buffet, I don’t recognize a particular food.  The descriptions at the Beach Blanket Buffet were clear, included a notice of any unusual spice, and enticing.

Food 2131

Mmmm, I’d been dreaming of a buttery lobster tail dinner from the day we booked the cruise!

For dinner, like most cruises, you were assigned a “seating time”.  When we made our reservations, only the late option was available, but I requested that if an opening came up for the early meal, we would prefer that.  When we boarded the ship, we were told it had, so we ate at 5:30.  Perfect for our schedule.

Animator's Palate

Animator’s Palate

Disney does, what they call, rotational dining for dinner.  There are three main dinner venues on the Wonder: Triton; Parrot Cay; and Animator’s Palate.  You are assigned a table number for the entire cruise that applies in all the restaurants.  And the best part?  Your servers follow you, so you have the same staff no matter where you eat!  They get to know you and your meal and beverage preferences.  My daughter had a Sprite waiting for her, every dinner.  My mom and I purchased 3 bottles of wine at the beginning of the cruise and our server brought them to each meal.  We like one glass with dinner, and it worked perfectly – we had the last glass at our last meal.  Sometimes we travel with my daughter’s best friend who has multiple food allergies.  It would be incredibly relaxing to explain once what her allergies are and have the servers know at every meal!  Oh, hint for Walt Disney World planners… wouldn’t it be awesome if food allergies could be coded into the Mickey bands?  Just sayin’…..  Okay, back to the cruise!

AAA0053 Duran and Maya Origami

The servers also provided entertainment, one of our servers made a new origami toy for my daughter every dinner!  The other created fun “hats” for us from the colorful napkins at Parrot Cay.  Fun!

AAA0100 Palo Sign

For guests 18 years of age or older.

AAA0098 Palo Entrance

Elegant decor at Palo.

AAA0099 Palo

Note the large windows, giving diners a breathtaking view.

One night on ship, my mom and I had dinner at the “Adult Exclusive” restaurant, Palo.  There is a small additional charge for eating at Palo and you do need to make reservations.  It was a chance to have a quiet, special meal.  Before we went, I wondered how Palo would make the meal any “better” than the ones in the three dining rooms.  The menu at Triton’s most fitted my taste (I love French food) and the I couldn’t imagine anything topping the decor at the restaurants.  But they did.  Palo was outstanding.  It was a lovely evening.  What made it over-the-top, was first the view.  Palo is located on an upper deck in the front of the ship and had large windows with a heart-stopping view of the majestic scenery.

AAA0090 Palo Antipasto Cart

The Antipasto cart at Palo.

AAA0092 Palo Bread and Ice Tea

Special touches like the “ice cubes” made with tea so as not to dilute, made Palo a truly upscale experience.

AAA0093 Palo Sorbet

A  palate-cleansing sorbet between courses.

AAA0094 Palo Lobster Fettucine

Pappardelle Con Argagosta:  Lobster, Pasta, and Fennel with Fresh Tomato Sauce

AAA0095 Palo Chocolate Souffle

Possibly the best dessert that I have ever eaten Рa warm chocolate souffl̩, with vanilla bean and chocolate sauces and ice cream.

AAA0096 Palo Aperitif

A “digestive” and espresso. I felt as if I had cruised to Italy!

The food and service at Palo’s wasn’t necessarily “better” than the other restaurants as much as it was different.  Palo is named after the signature long poles used by gondoliers in Venice and serves Northern Italian cuisine.  The multi-course meal began with a selection from the antipasto cart.  It continued with salad, appetizer, and more.  I especially remember the sorbet to cleanse your palate between courses and the “digestivo”, a drink to aid in digestion of a large meal.  I felt very European and even ordered an espresso after dinner.  It was a memorable meal – in the best, best sense of the word.  I strongly encourage anyone going on a cruise to set aside one evening for a delightful meal at Palo.

Food 2314

Of course, Disney is not going to forget the taste preferences of children!  The children’s menu at every venue had my daughter’s favorites.  I tend to forget that a little one will prefer a ice cream sundae or a Mickey bar over Key Lime Cheesecake.

Here are more tantalizing treats from the magical kitchens of the Disney Wonder!

Food 2128

Food 689

Food 1060

Food 1038



I’m hungry!

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    Marti Tabora says:

    All that food looks fantastic and made me hungry. I think it’s great that there is also a kids menu.

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    Cynthia R says:

    I really like how organized Disney is, having the families sit in the same tables with the same server. Given how many people they need to serve, it’s necessary for them and also works out great for you.

  4. 4
    LaTanya says:

    Wow!! The food looks so yummy. I would try everything and I think that it is nice that the servers also provide a little entertainment while dining.

  5. 5
    Linda Kish says:

    I don’t know how people don’t gain weight on cruises with all of that yummy food.

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    Would it be weird to go on a cruise just for the food, lol! All those desserts are calling my name! :)

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    I love all desserts!

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    Wow – the food is amazing! And how cute the little origami! I’d love to sample all of those – esp that lobster!

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    Kate F. says:

    The desserts look delicious! I love the Mickeys they put on the ice cream sundaes.

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    Oh my GOSH! You just made me so hungry

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    soha molina says:

    The food looks yummy!!

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    My husband and I have never been on a cruise but we have considered doing it for a while now. The food looks really good and the cruise sounds really fun! Thanks for telling us about it.

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    My mouth is watering.

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    Cheryl Abdelnour says:

    The food looks awesome! Yummy in the tummy!

  15. 15

    Oh, what dee-licious memories! I remember getting the most fabulous pizza I’ve ever tasted in Palo. It was served as an appetizer and took all my self control not to make it a meal! Lucky for me my dinner companion had dined there before and assured me that it was just the beginning. ☺

  16. 16
    Andrea Williams says:

    Those pictures look so delicious! Now I really want to book a cruise!

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    Kelly Tupick says:

    The food looks amazing!! I work in a restaraunt and those dish’s all look like 5 star quality. I’m sure they have the best of chefs on a Disney cruise.

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    Wow all of this food looks so delicious and gourmet! The warm chocolate soufflé looks amazing. I don’t think I would be able to stop eating those desserts!

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    Maureen says:

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    The food all looks like artwork! Sounds like it would be wonderful for adults and kids. I like that they cater to kids to make the meal special for them also.

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    wow the food looks fantastic ,i would gain 10 pounds

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    Food looks delicious! Making me hungry. Looks like they had some healthy choices too.

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    We went on a Carnival cruise earlier this summer and the food wasn’t too good but we knew that going in through reviews I’d seen online. Thankfully, no weight was gained. Disney’s cruises looks and sounds like they have awesome food…so jealous!

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    I love how much variety it looks like there is. We have picky eaters in our family.

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    Stephanie Phelps says:

    Oh my gosh that all looks amazing and to have your servers know yours and your child likes are so cool! I would be like you after eating in the others how could it get any better! My husband and I have never been on a cruise but really would love to go soon!

  28. 28
    Candace B says:

    I have to say the food looks amazing. There were two points you discussed, which sell me on the idea of this type of cruise with Disney. The fact that you have the same server every night. This would be tremendously helpful with my husband’s food allergies. There are foods that he is highly allergic to and to know have one server who knows the seriousness of his allergies, over explaining this to numerous servers who may or may not listen or take this seriously, is extremely important. Also, having a dedicated children’s menu in each restaurant is great to know when thinking about my two boys and considering this type of cruise.

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    Allison Downes says:

    All of that looks really yummy! I have never had lobster tail before. I’ve also never been on a cruise! Thanks for sharing.

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    Same servers for all your dinner meals no matter which restaurant you eat at is great.

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    I’d love to take a cruise – so on my bucket list.

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    The food looks great! I love that the buffet had cards with the descriptions of the food so you know what you were getting.

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    Wow! I don’t even want to think of the weight I’d gain! LOL It all look so delicious!

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    jenn huey says:

    It’s great to have such a variety and I agree room service in the morning is definitely the way to go. While breakfast is being prepared you can be getting ready for the day

  49. 49
    Dawn Keenan says:

    Oh my…you have just made me hungry. I would love to have mickey looking at me from a glass. Great pics.

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    Always a fan of Disney dining! Haven’t had the chance to do Palo yet, but it’s on my list!
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    Yum! Those look so,so delicious! I always think about cruise ship food,too. It is definitely one of the things I am most excited for. That lobster tail looks to die for!

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