Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport Phone – All Your Fitness Tracking In One Place #SprintMom #MC #Sponsored

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#SprintMom Disclosure Spring Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport

I’d heard so many positive things about the Samsung Galaxy.  You, too?  It is one of the most innovative and exciting phones available.  The newest version is perfect for me, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport Smart Phone.  Sprint partnered with Samsung, Under Armour and MapMyFitness to provide health and fitness monitoring capabilities in a smart phone.  Not only to track and motivate, but also to analyze and provide instant feedback.  All your fitness statistics in one place, conveniently gathered and displayed.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport #SprintMom

Before the S5, I’m used technology to count steps, record weight, journal food intake, map run routes, calculate running distance and pace but everything was in separate locations and I didn’t a way to monitor heart rate. With the S5, everything is in a cool package that even knows that I sweat.  It’s water resistant and has a texture that gives slippery hands a better grip.  AND some old school tech that makes user friendly a meaningful term again – the navigation is actual buttons (hard keys).

From the minute I power it on, this phone is motivating me.  There is a picture of a runner and an inspiring quote to get me going.  One of the fun features that makes my life easier are the navigation icons that appear all over the screen.

#SprintMom Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport Home Screen With Text

I start training this week for a Half Marathon.  Whew, it feels so official to put that into writing.  Usually I start with a “I’ll try it, nothing to lose” attitude but this time I’m a bit scared.  I’m jumping from a 5K to a Half, and would have preferred a 10K-type program but couldn’t find one in my area.  Before I started I wanted to see what 13 miles was really like.  I knew I couldn’t run even half of it, but I wanted to try, just to know how far that really was.  Motivation hits when it hits and I haven’t been able to unlock the secret of how you figure that out.  I felt motivated on one of the hottest, highest humidity days of our summer. *slapping forehead*  I now have a new respect for 13 miles.


I did figure out one piece of my motivation though – Sprint Fit.  I wanted, I really wanted that mile number to say 13.  And when it got to “7” and “8”, I knew I wasn’t going to quit because I didn’t want to have to do the miles again to get to this point.  Five more sounded way better than thirteen!  And even if I was walking, even if I was crawling, I wanted that number to say 13.  Tracking is clearly motivation for me.  What is Sprint Fit?  It’s an organizer for your fitness apps.  It puts everything in one place, easy to find and easy to use.  No more fumbling around screens, typing in searches.  Just touch the Sprint Fit and it pulls up everything you need.  Because you don’t have time to waste.  When you are out there ready to run, you want to run, not stand around pushing buttons.

#SprintMom Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport SHealth

I have to admit that I don’t understand the technical details of GPS tracking.  But I do understand that sometimes I’m ready to go with a group of runners and we are all standing around waiting for “a satellite” because someone else’s device isn’t ready.  Not fun.  I’ve never had to be “that runner”.  My S5 has performed flawlessly tracking my runs.  I have to add the your-mileage-may-vary caveat though, because I’m not sure if that’s where I live, Sprint, or the phone.

With the following features, you know your Samsung Galaxy is going to have you on the edge of latest technology.  Even if you don’t use these today, you will be ready for the next hot app that comes out.

  • Androidâ„¢ 4.4.2, KitKat
  • 2.5GHz quad-core processor (Qualcomm®Snapdragon® MSM8974AB chipset)
  • NFC (near field communication) allowing the device to read information from everyday objects, such as stickers and posters embedded with NFC chips, or for use as a mobile wallet to make secure purchases
  • 3G/4G LTE mobile hotspot capability supporting up to 10 Wi-Fi® enabled devices simultaneously
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • HD Voice, virtually eliminating background noise and sound quality is dramatically enhanced on a call between two Sprint HD Voice-enabled devices on upgraded areas of the Sprint network

And I saved one of the best features for last.  The camera.  As a mom, I take a ton of pictures.  I’m sure you do, too!  A great camera on your phone is a must-have, because who has room in their purse, car, pockets for a camera.  Am I right?   The Samsung Galaxy has one of the best, if not the best, cameras of any smart phone.  16 mega-pixel, fast focus (I LOVE that!), HDR, blurring effects and more let you take pictures that look like you were carrying one of those ginormous DSLR’s around your neck.  As a blogger, I love the selective focus.  After you take a picture you can still select to focus on the subject or the background.

Sprint has amazing deals on phones, accessories, and service.  Check it out and learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport Smart Phone,

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    karen greenwood says:

    Wow, this phone sounds amazing!! After a year off due to health issues, I’m dying to get back in shape…this sounds like exactly what I need. I hadn’t heard of the sport model in the Galaxy line before I saw your review. Upgrading from my Galaxy III, and this looks perfect for me! Thank you for such a good review.

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