Saving Money with Makes Me Feel Lucky

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I recently saw a poll that asked, “What Makes You Feel Lucky?”  Kind of caught my eye, considering what I do every day *sheepish grin*.  One of the answers was, saving money.  That would certainly be one of my answers!  Finding a great deal, saving money, using coupons to pay less for something to benefit my family – all those things makes me feel lucky.  I love being able to do something or buy something without paying full price.  In fact, when I’m doing online shopping and go to checkout, I usually see a “Promo Code” box or a “Discount Code” and don’t want to buy without one!  But where do you find them?

Another deal I always look for when shopping online is a way to get free shipping.  Don’t you hate to pay for shipping?  Especially when you know there are codes out there that can help you save!  But where do you find them? is a great site to find coupons, discount codes, printable coupons and more. makes it easy to find ways to save money with various ways to search.  Across the top of the home page, there is an alphabetical search to find stores by name. On the sidebar, there are links to search by category, most popular, even a “Father’s Day” to help find a Father’s Day gift deal.

A smart idea that I’ve never seen before is the CouponPros concept.  CouponPros are people or teams of people that research competitors, research various networks, and social media to help to provide valid, working, and good deals.  They are experts in their own categories and you can follow your favorite CouponPro on Facebook to keep up with the latest hot bargains.  I might just have to follow Erin and Katie who are always on the look out for deals on shoes.  Shhhh, don’t tell my husband about this.

Here’s an example of how it works:  I’ve been thinking about a new swimsuit – it is going to warm up here in Chicago, someday! – and I love the MiracleSuit Tankini’s from Eddie Bauer.  But I don’t want to pay shipping…. hmmm, I think I’ll go check for Eddie Bauer coupon codes.  YES! There is one for free shipping.  Expires today, though, I better hurry.

From American Eagle coupon codes to  Nordstrom coupon codes there are hundreds of stores on  They even have exclusive coupons that you won’t find anywhere but

Don’t hit that “Purchase” button before checking to see if there’s something that can save you money…. and make you feel lucky!

Disclosure:  I have a material connection because I received compensation from the company mentioned herein.

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