Scallop Sandwich Recipe With Roman Meal Bread #RomanMeal #BakedFresh #MC #Sponsored

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My favorite place for lunch is a restaurant in Michigan City, Indiana, called “Panini, Panini”.  Michigan City is a beach town and if you are ever there, make sure to look for this small, eclectic restaurant on the city’s main street, Franklin Street.  The varied menu is listed on multiple chalkboards on the walls.  First listed is the seafood, Scallop Sandwich..  I have started at the first item and can’t get beyond it, because it is so absolutely delicious.  The blend of flavors is exquisite.  It has ingredients that I would never, on my own, put together but that work so well together it’s astounding.

When I was challenged to prepare a recipe using Roman Meal Bread, I jumped to the idea of making a sandwich.  But what kind?  Well my favorite sandwich is the one at Panini, Panini, so I thought, “Why not try to recreate the Scallop Sandwich?!”

Here is the recipe, you must try this!  Mmmm, it is so delicious and you will thank me!

Scallop Sandwich on Roman Meal Bread


Roman Meal-#MC-Bread-Framed


Roman Meal-#MC-Toast-Framed


Toast one piece of Roman Meal Bread for each sandwich.  Why Roman Meal?  This sandwich needs a dense bread that won’t crumble.  Roman Meal has a perfect consistency for an open-face sandwich and provides the strong foundation we need.  I like serving this sandwich open-faced, and Roman Meal has the ideal flavor canvas for the additional ingredients to rest upon.  Baked locally, Roman Meal is always fresh, never frozen or shipped long distances.  A side note?  Roman Meal is one of the few “square” breads and it makes a eye-pleasing plated sandwich!


Roman Meal-#MC-Pear Slices-Framed


Cut a pear into thin slices.  I used a red pear, but any variety will add the sweetness that we are looking for.  At Panini, Panini the chef also occasionally uses plums.  I used a cheese slicer to get thin, even pieces.  Put one piece on each sandwich.  Cut small pieces to fill in any empty places on the bread, as needed.


Roman Meal-#MC-Goat Cheese-Framed


Sprinkle crumbled goat cheese on top of the pear slice.  The goat cheese will melt from the heat of the scallops and adds a tasty note to the sandwich.  Don’t overdo it, it’s an accent flavor and we don’t want it to overwhelm the delicate taste of the scallops.


Roman Meal-#MC-Scallops-Framed


Season both sides of the scallops with coarse salt and freshly ground pepper.


Roman Meal-#MC-Scallops Seared-Framed


To cook the scallops, heat vegetable oil in a frying pan.  To get a good color, use high heat.  Place the scallops in the pan and you should hear it “sizzle”!  Cook for one minute on the first side, then flip.  You should have a nice brown sear like in the picture above.  Cook the second side for one minute, then add a pat of butter for flavor.  When the butter has melted well, remove scallops from the pan and place on the sandwich.  Spoon a bit of the butter mixture over the top.

Roman Meal-#MC-Open Faced Scallop Sandwich From Above-Framed

Serve with a fruit and small salad.  Enjoy your Scallop Sandwich on Roman Meal Bread!

Did you know that Roman Meal’s Whole Grains are a good source for vitamin D, calcium and fiber?  And why do we like eating whole grains?

  • Whole grains help with digestion and weight management
  • Studies have show that whole grain intake may reduce the risk of heart disease

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    I love scallops. I made them once. I over cooked them. It turns out 20 mins is way too long. I guess I should follow a recipe next time. Your sandwich looks wonderful.

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    Maria Iemma says:

    I am a fan of scallops and this is certainly a different way to serve them. I also love Roman Meal so it is a winner recipe.

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