Sing and Act-a-long with Disney FROZEN! A Fun Celebration of Sisters and Sisters of the Heart!

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Disney FROZEN is my hands-down, all-time favorite family movie.  Ever. Replacing White Christmas and Parent Trap.  Favorite. Ever.  I enjoyed everything about this movie.  Four times in the theater!  Seriously.  Our house has become a treasure of everything FROZEN, from the FROZEN DVD, toys, soundtrack, posters, and even the sheet music.  When I found out from #collectivebias Walmart would be featuring special FROZEN toys for the release of the DVD on March 18th, I couldn’t wait to go shopping for some #FROZENFun!

#FROZENFun Shopping Toys Frozen Disney Movie #Cbias #shop

Loving FROZEN has created a special bond between my daughter and I, as we share the music and the movie.  It’s also a story that I appreciate her hearing again and again because of the message contained in this story of two sisters.

#FROZENFun FROZEN Movie Anna Saves Elsa

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, the story is about two sisters, Anna and Elsa.  Elsa (not intentionally) puts ice into the heart of her beloved little sister, Anna.  We know from the beginning of the story that when ice is placed in the head of a person, it can be easily displaced – the mind can easily be changed.  But, when ice is in the heart?  The heart is not so easily changed.  The ice can only be removed by an act of true love.  Now, if this was the Housewives of Arendelle instead of FROZEN, the two sisters would be in court.  Anna would be angry and turn her back on Elsa.  But no, in FROZEN, Anna not only still loves and forgives Elsa, she (spoiler alert!) sacrifices herself to save Elsa.  To save the very person that has destroyed her.  That is an act of true love, and in the world of happy endings, saves Anna’s life as well.  But it’s not only true in the world of happy endings, it’s true in the real world.  This is the message I want to give my daughter.  When your sister does something bad to you, you don’t turn your back, you forgive and love her.  And sister doesn’t mean only a female sibling, it can be a “Sister of the Heart” – a best friend, a mother, a husband.  When someone you love hurts you, forgive and love them.  That’s the answer to finding happy-ever-after.  And that’s the message of Disney FROZEN.

#FROZENFun FROZEN Movie Anna and Elsa Sparkle Dolls #cbias #shop

We had a FROZEN celebration with my daughter and  her best friend (her sister-of-the-heart).  Want to see what fun things we did?  My daughter and I headed over to Walmart on Tuesday, when FROZEN was released on DVD and picked up a copy of the movie.  Then we ran to  the toy department for some FROZEN props!  We had so much fun at the sing-a-long version in the theater, so we decided to have our own a sing-a-long and ACT-a-long to the DVD.  First, we found Anna and Elsa Sparkle Dolls.  I love, love, love these dolls!  The level of detail is impressive for a reasonably-priced doll.  Elsa has those gorgeous sparkly snowflakes on the cape of her dress, just like in the movie!  Anna has the richly-colored detail designs of her dress from the movie.  Their faces are beautiful, with those expressive eyes.  The hair is styled perfectly.  Every detail down to the fun shoes is perfect.

#FROZENFun Palace Collage FROZEN Toys Disney Movie #cbias #shop

The girls also loved using the Magical Lights Palace Playset with Elsa and Olaf.  “Let It Go” is their favorite song and now, not only can they sing-a-long but they can create the Ice Palace, just like Elsa does as she sings.  Remember how Elsa sweeps her arms and the ice shoots up towards the sky forming towers?  The sides of the Magical Lights Palace actually slide up and down in a similar motion.  The girls could throw up their arms and create a multi-level palace.  So cool.  In the center of the Magical Lights Palace, there is an icy half-circle that can be closed with Elsa inside and then spun to reveal her.  This is all about the drama.  It is perfect!

#FROZENFun Magical Lights Palace Toy Spins #cbias #shopAnd all that is before the lights.  I have to hand it to the designers of this palace, they did an incredible job of recreating ice, and then the light show plays off the icy look perfectly.  It shines, shimmers, and glows with different color lights.  I was very impressed.  The quality of the lights also allow for them to be fun and effective in daylight as well, which isn’t always true with light-up toys.

#FROZENFun Toys Disney Frozen Movie Magical Lights Palace #cbias #shop

You’ll find yourself singing, “I am one with the wind and sky… my soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all a-round!”  Along with the Magical Lights Palace, we also have the Sled.  When you roll it along, “snow” flurries in the back.  It’s a great addition to the Palace and the Sled comes with an Anna doll.  For the most impact for your dollar though, I highly recommend the Palace first.

#FROZENFun FROZEN Movie Toys Sleigh #cbias #shop

Did you watch the Academy Awards?  FROZEN won Best Animated Picture of the Year AND Best Original Song.  One of the funniest moments in the Awards show was when Ellen took the selfie with all the stars that was retweeted a bazillion times.  We thought we would recreate that with Elsa, Anna, and their star friends.  Here is Elsa’s selfie!

#FROZENFun FROZEN Movie Elsa's Selfie Toys Dolls #cbias #shop

There are 14 Disney characters in the selfie!  Can you name all Elsa’s friends?  Here they are!

#FROZENFun FROZEN Movie Elsa's Selfie Names Toys Dolls #cbias #shop

Remember, the Disney FROZEN Movie DVD was available beginning on March 18th, with a price drop from $16.96 to $14.96 at Walmart. There is also a coupon on specially marked packages of Eggo Waffles (24 count) for a $5 off offer!  Have your own FROZEN celebration!


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    We are having family night this evening & will be watching Frozen for the first time

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    Looks like the girls had such a #FROZENFun time! ;) And, the Disney doll selfie is hilarious! ;) #client
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    Patricia Salyers says:

    I absolutely LOVED this movie so much!

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