Small Business Saturday! Today, Nov. 26th! Support Small Business today and every day! #ShopSmall

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Today is Small Business Saturday – a movement to support small businesses!

We’re going to head out to our local garden shop for a Christmas tree.  (They have a beautiful website, check it out Chesterton Feed.) It’s always an adventure and tradition to go shopping for a real tree.  Our local garden shop has fresh, beautiful trees.  While we occasionally go to a tree farm and chop our own, this year we decided to go with pre-cut.  The garden shop is one of our favorite outings – with their pond and beautiful landscaping it’s almost like going to a park!  It’s an excellent place to teach Rosie about the different species of plants, flowers and trees.

Rosie’s school went to our town’s small business garden shop last week to see a live turkey!  Every year, they bring in a tom turkey from the farm and local children can visit to learn all about how turkeys are raised, and other facts about turkeys.  They also have a wide selection of bird feeders and teach the children about what types of birds like what types of seeds.  They offer a local perspective and valuable service to the community.

Do you have a small business in your community that provides unique opportunities for children?

There are a few ways to support a small business today (and everyday!).  I encourage you to go down the list and show your support!



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    I visited two of my favorite small businesses. I blogged about it before going, but didn’t go back and share what I bought.

    We really try to support our local businesses when possible.

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