Sneak Preview: No Ordinary Family

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Click here and use the promo code ABCNOFOD to see a special sneak preview of the new ABC show, No Ordinary Family!  But don’t wait, only the first 20,000 to click will see it.

What It’s About

The Powell family take a trip to South America and come back with more than just vacation memories.  The father, Jim, (Michael Chiklis, The Shield) suddenly finds himself able to catch bullets.  The mom, Stephanie, (Julie Benz, Dexter) can run fast – really fast.  Daphne, (Kay Panabaker, Summerland) their teenage daughter, suddenly reads her boyfriends thoughts – only to find out he’s sleeping with her best friend.  Instead of struggling with a learning disability, their son JJ, (Jimmy Bennett, Star Trek) can now solve complicated equations in a few seconds.

My take

When I watched the preview, I started with the expectation that it would be pretty stupid.  Too far out there.  And of course, it is, but somehow the talented cast pulls it off.  Because the characters are interesting and the actors have you believing in their frailties, the super-human strengths are, well not believable, but tolerable.  And because of the balance of interesting characters and action, I want to see more.  I will definitely be watching No Ordinary Family again. It’s one of those shows that has the components to be good – only time will tell if they fly or fall flat (when you watch the preview, you’ll know what I mean).

Watch it and let me know what you think!


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    Such a great idea. Thanks very much for sharing those article. I will absolutely check it out.

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