So Many Memories in a Bear – Keepsake Clothes Bear #Giveaway from The Patchwork Bear

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The Patchwork Bear can take any special fabric items you’ve saved and turn them into a forever keepsake!  I sent Rosie’s baby clothes that I had saved and they returned something that I will keep and then pass down to my daughter and granddaughter someday.  I had saved baby clothes, thinking of having a quilt made someday, then I saw the Keepsake Clothes Patchwork Bear.  I love quilts and I think it’s a great idea but this bear somehow grabbed my heart in a way a quilt never could.

Wow.  Wow.  This definitely goes in my top ten favorite things I have reviewed at Kelly’s Lucky You.  I fell in love with the concept, but then when my bear arrived?  Tears, tears were flowing.  As I saw the fabrics that were from outfits Rosie wore at special moments in our lives?  Tears of joy.

Here’s our story.  Make one of your own…. you’ll love it.

Our special, special bear from The Patchwork Bear - made from memories and love.

This lovely bear is made from special outfits:

  1. The one Rosie wore the first time she was placed into my arms.  We adopted her when she was eight months old.  The anniversary of this very special day is coming up in two weeks!  It was the happiest day of my life.  I was nervous…but my husband says that the second I saw her and she saw me, there was a bond.
  2. The pajamas Rosie wore that first night and in the picture we used for our baby announcements.  Our announcements said, “END CONSTRUCTION   We’ve expanded our home by two feet….”  and inside “…and they’re Rosie’s!”
  3. The dress she wore for the official adoption, when she legally became our daughter, although she was permanently in our hearts before then!
  4. The beautiful embroidered dress my mom gave Rosie, that she wore for our baby shower when all our friends and family truly showered us with love and gifts for our new little love.
  5. The romper Rosie wore the last time she saw my husband’s mother, who was very ill but hung on long enough to meet our little one.
  6. A sweet little print that had lilies of the valley – which will always remind me of my mom who carried them at her December wedding and planted them around the doorway to the home I grew up in.

On one of the bear’s feet, it’s embroidered “2006” – I wanted it to say the year Rosie wore these outfits.  I can’t wait to order the next one with her 2007 clothes.

The Patchwork Bear also make quilts and other special, personalized keepsake items.  The Keepsake Clothes Bear (the one in this giveaway) was just awarded the 2011 Top Choice of the Year by Creative Child Magazine!

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    Sherry S. says:

    The line has grown fom a simple baby quilt and matching bear to include: tooth fairy pillows, photo memory quilts, wedding dress quilts, custom bears and full nursery design.

    sstrode at scrtc dot com

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    As her children have gotten older she has expanded from bears to keepsake quilts.

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    shirley moweary says:

    I put the wrong entry in for posted in twitter.

    Made from the Baby Clothes You’ve Saved! – Create an Heirloom #Giveaway from The Patchwork Bear

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    Jodi Kershuk says:

    I think these are amazing! thank you for sharing

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