Special Offer for Action Movie Fans! See “The Amazing Spider Man” Early – Before DVD Release Date! #SpidermanWMT

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Are you a Spider-man man fan? Do you love action movies? “The Amazing Spider-Man”, the 2012 film starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, is being released to DVD on November 9th, but you can see it on October 30th! Our family is excited – we can’t wait!!

How can you see it early? Walmart is selling a pre-purchase digital bundle that includes an online code to stream the movie from Vudu.com as early as 10/30.   How does it work?  Today I went to my Walmart and bought a “pre-purchase” of “The Amazing Spider-Man”.

The Pre-purchase of The Amazing Spider-Man looks just like an ordinary DVD case, but inside is a paper DVD with an online code.

I went to the website www.vudu.com/theamazingspiderman and entered the code with my address, it took seconds. Now, I will be able to stream the movie to any Vudu-enabled device (iPad, Blu-ray Player, Home Theater, HDTV) on 10/30 and see the movie before it’s official release date on 11/9! I also entered my address, because I will also be mailed a hard copy DVD/Blu-Ray Disc Set. In fact, the option I purchased at Walmart is the Limited Edition Mask DVD Case Blu-Ray + DVD Mask Gift Set.

It’s easy to find the Pre-Purchase of The Amazing Spider Man at Walmart. At our store it was in the “New Releases” display with all the other DVDs. You may want to call ahead to your store, to make sure they carry it.

Have you used Vudu before? This was my first time and I am impressed with how easy and flexible it is.  It’s similar to other streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu, but Vudu gets movies earlier in many cases.  I registered at the site in minutes, just entering basic information. You don’t need to enter credit card information until you actually download/buy/rent a movie.  There’s also a ton of helpful info on the site, including explanations of Ultraviolet or UV movies.

Once you have an account, you can enter the code from the Pre-Purchase pack:

… and zap! The featurettes are in your vudu account and the movie will be there on 10/30.  Easy!

While I was in Walmart, I checked out some of the other Spiderman merchandise… hmmm, thinking a Spiderman viewing party on 10/30 might be spidey-fun!

My three favorite things to love about “The Amazing Spider-Man Pre-purchase” (exclusively available at Walmart):

  1. Being able to buy the new release when it’s convenient for me to go to the store, not on the specific release date!
  2. Seeing the movie before the official dvd release!
  3. I can stream the movie to any Vudu-enable device (iPad, Blu-Ray, Home Theater, HDTV)

What is your favorite Spider-man movie?  Are there spidey-superfans in your house?  Next time you go to Walmart, check out the Pre-Purchase!  Your family will love it!

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    Thanks for the Vudu explanation. That does look easy and convenient.

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    I am SO stoked to get early access to the movie!

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    Those look like fun Spidey-toys!

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