Spring Sprucing! Who’s Ready For Outdoor Decorating? Twitter Party Alert! 9PM EST #KmartOutdoor

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With the warmer-than-usual weather this year, I am ready for summer!  And that means going outdoors!  Our backyard is a work-in-progress and I have big plans for this summer.

We started with a decent size deck, that Rosie used as a play area.  With a sand box, a blow-up pool, a play kitchen… it was perfect for her.  We added a swing for the grown-ups to sit and relax while she played.  My husband loves to grill and one of his “toys” is always a nice-sized grillin’ machine!  Our patio furniture has never been magazine quality but because we love to entertain, we always have a good supply of chairs for company to enjoy our big backyard.  Fortunately, there is a retention area in the yards next to ours, so it’s a very natural, relaxing setting.  The treeline is fairly far back and separates us from a few small business that you can’t even see in the summer when the trees are full.  All in all, it’s a great setting for parties and/or relaxing on a beautiful summer day.

When Rosie outgrew the blow up pool, we decided to put in a swimming pool.  After ahem, lots of discussion, we went with an above-ground pool that is surrounded on all four sides by a deck.  I knew that my older parents and some of our friends wouldn’t want to swim and rather than have the pool be “over there”, I wanted it to be part of the deck.  So our decent sized normal deck became a ginormous deck with a pool.  I have to admit, I love it.  I wish we would have put in a pool years ago.  It has truly changed my whole opinion of summer.  I always liked summer, but the heat didn’t always agree with me.  Now, I love, love, love summer.  Somehow, after I’ve been in the pool, I’m cool all day, no matter what the temperature.  It’s changed me from a stay-in-the-air-conditioning person, to an always-outside person.

Our patio furniture and outdoor decorating though is ready for a rehab.  Sun, weather, and wear-and-tear is hard on outdoor furniture.  We have a lot of things that need replacing.  Our table and chairs is a salvage/refurbished set from a garage sale.  Our swing has seen better days.  Our planters are worn and faded.  So, all that said, I’m going to be at a twitter party tonight!

If you’re in the same or similar shape as I am, join me!

What: Kmart Outdoor Twitter Party

When: Thursday, May 10th from 9-10pm EST

Where: On Twitter by following the hashtag #KmartOutdoor and using the custom tweet grid http://bit.ly/Jf97D0

Prizes: (2) $25 Kmart gift cards, (2) $50 Kmart gift cards and (1) $100 Kmart gift card.

Who to follow: Shelby @GlitterfulFelt, Monica @MonicaBenavidez, and Liz @LizLongcrier

To RSVP go to Glitterful Felt Stories!

Good luck!



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    Well if these are pictures of plantings around your house I would have to say that all is looking great! I know our deck needs to be refinished and mulch still needs to be spread (I think we skipped it the last two years). So plenty of work to be done, never seems to stop. Summer is just too short!

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