Stop Zombie Mouth! Free Downloads of Plants vs Zombies @Popcap Game for Halloween!

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Our family likes candy, but in moderation.  The last few holidays Rosie has been given a crazy-amount of candy.  Even at holidays like Labor Day, it’s thrown from parade vehicles.  This past Halloween I “bought” most of her candy from her so she could have something special that wouldn’t throw off her tooth decay prevention efforts and nutrition.  I would love if families, schools, and organizations would switch to giving away small toys or games.  Especially small children don’t need a high value gift to find joy.

The people at PopCap Games are jumping on the toy-vs-candy bandwagon and giving away coupons for free Plant vs Zombie games!  I reviewed the game and received a review copy, but I’ve also purchased a copy for another device – we love this game.  It has so many levels and types of games that a 7 year old and an I’m-not-telling mom can both be challenged and have fun!

Now through Halloween, you can team up with PopCap and the American Dental Association to redefine what a Halloween “treat” can be… by giving FUN instead of candy.

“Head over to to load up on printable coupons with free game codes, then go out and give Plants vs. Zombies as a Halloween treat. There’s no limit to the number of coupons you can print, so go Wall-nuts!
Enjoy Plants vs. Zombies free for Halloween!”

Disclosure of Material Connection:  I was sent a set of Zombie trading cards that I will be giving to a school or organization to hand out at Halloween!

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