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I was just reading an article in USA Today about back-to-school shopping.  Author Kaitlyn Krasselt said, “Back-to-school shopping is no longer a frenzied one-day spending spree. Families are spending more, but they are doing so over a longer period of time.”  That’s very true for our family.  I’ve changed from a blitz to more of a slow process, because I found that when I bought everything at once, I would end up with styles and outfits for my daughter that she just didn’t get much wear out of.  Part of that is because here, we start school in August, but the weather very quickly and what my daughter wanted or liked in August, she may not in October.  If I set aside a bit of the budget and purchase things more gradually, they are more likely to include what she likes.  She’s started her school clubs, and we have a much clearer view of what she needs.  Do you find yourself buying more “back-to-school” in the end of September and October?

I’m surfing through the pages at and I found these adorable pink cowboy boots for Rosie!  I’m thinking birthday present…. what do you think?

#ZapposStyle #MC #Sponsored Wish List Pink Boots

Rosie decided to join her school’s Run Club this year.  I’m so excited to be able to share my love for running with her.  While she always liked running clothes because of the comfort factor, now she needs even more for her three runs a week.  Under Armour is one of the hot brands this year, on the track and off. has a great selection of Under Armour for Girls.  Rosie picked up this Under Armour Twist Tech Tee and it is in the wash every few days because it’s one of her absolute favorites.  Even my mom noticed the healthered color and commented on how it added dimension to the tee.  What Rosie likes best about it though is the fabric.  Comfortable, cool, and easy fitting.

Under Armour Twist Tee w Text


The number one piece of gear from Under Armour that I have seen at run practices and the meet we went to last Saturday is the Under Armour Hoodie.  There are several different styles and  fabrics, but the basic common denominators are the Under Armour logo, the pullover style, and of course, the hood.  In a bright pink, Rosie can still express her girly side but run like the wind.

#ZapposStyle #MC #Sponsored Under Armour Hoodie Arm Closeup


Runner or not, everyone loves the longer sleeves with the thumb hole!  It’s great for keeping kids’ hands warm as the weather gets colder but not cold enough yet for gloves.


#ZapposStyle #MC #Sponsored Under Armour Hoodie

The Under Armour logo is a classic, but add the polka dots?  Fun!

Other Zappos pieces we picked up and loved are these Converse All Stars…..

#ZapposStyle #MC #Sponsored Converse on Scooter

…and for cold weather these boots and Jacket from North Face .

#ZapposStyle #MC #Sponsored Faux Fur Boots Closeup


#ZapposStyle #MC #Sponsored Reversible Jacket White Collage
These are just a few of the brands that you will find at to make your back-to-school choices a big hit:  Footwear Brands- Nike; Stride Rite; New Balance; Converse; Keen; and Pediped.  Clothing Brands: Under Armour; Nike; The Northface; Patagonia; Roxy; Volcom; Splendid; and Tommy Hilfiger.  Billabong brand has exactly what you need to extend that summer feeling!

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  1. 1
    Maria Iemma says:

    I love all the choices you find when you focus on a strategic plan for back=to=school shopping. My kids are now grown but my grandkids still need some more clothes for the colder weather here in upstate New York.

  2. 2
    Annicka BOrges says:

    I love this idea. I know if I don’t have a very specific plan in mind I always end up over-spending

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