Strawberry Crepes – Delicious Summer Treat Takes You to a Bistro in California #CaStrawberryTour

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Crepes are one of my favorite things to make and serve to guests.  There really easy (after a little practice)!  It adds a little sophistication without having to have a lot of culinary skill or complicated ingredients.  We have a creperie in the neighboring town, and I’ve watched them making crepes and picked up a few tips.

Basic Crepes

Ingredients for Batter

1 cup of flour

2 teaspoons of sugar

2 eggs

1 cup of milk

Mix the flour and sugar.  Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients.  Add the eggs to the center of the well.  Using a fork beat the eggs and gradually add flour/sugar from the sides.  When it starts getting thick, start slowly adding milk.  Mix well, should be slightly thinner than pancake batter.

TIP:  Our local creperie added a flavor to their batter (I tasted it in the plain crepes, one of my favorites) that was vanilla, or almond.  I couldn’t quite identify it.  I experimented with adding different flavors and home but couldn’t get it quite right until I added…… are you ready?  Flavored coffee creamer!  Flavored coffee creamers have such concentrated flavors and they don’t change the consistency of the batter because they are milk!  My favorite to add is Carmel, but you can add your own favorite and change it to go with whatever filling you are going to use!  Adjust the quantity of creamer to taste.  I like a more subtle flavoring and only add about a tablespoon.  Remember to put an equal amount of less milk for the creamer you add.

Cooking the Crepes

I use an ordinary frying pan and preheat the pan.  If you want brown-cooked spots on your crepe, put a small amount of butter in the pan.  If you like golden crepes, use a nonstick pan and no butter.  Pour in about 1/4 cup of batter – how much you need depends on the size of your pan, this is where the practice comes in!  Pick up the pan and twirl it so that the batter covers the bottom of the pan.  If it doesn’t quite make it, next time use more batter.  If it’s too thick, next time use less.  When the top is fairly solid, it means the downside is done.  Using a pancake turner, flip it over.  Give it a few more minutes, check, and take out when done.

TIP:  This adds more calories, but TONS of delicious flavor.  After you flip the crepe the first time, take a stick of butter and rub on the top/cooked side.  If you put the butter or the buttered side directly on the pan, it will make brown spots, but if you put the butter on the finished side, you get the flavor but keep the golden color.

Filling for Strawberry Crepes

For these delicious strawberry crepes, let the cooked crepe cool before adding filling and toppings.  I used strawberry yogurt and sliced strawberries, then topped with powdered sugar and whip cream.

Easy, Delicious and Pretty!

By the way, speaking of pretty, this is my favorite pretty strawberry!  (My daughter getting her face painted at our county fair)

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