Stretching your Christmas Shopping Dollar at Family Dollar Stores

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As we go into the “home stretch”… only 9 days to Christmas …  I find myself trying to stretch my gift-giving budget.  Rosie and I headed to the Family Dollar store on Wednesday to see the bargains we could find!  It was such a blast!  Rosie really got in the “bargain hunting” spirit and kept saying, “Look, Mom!  THAT’S a bargain!”  She had me cracking up.

I hadn’t been to the Family Dollar since the stocked Christmas items and I was pleasantly surprised at the selection of toys, gifts, and decorations.  We picked up a few “basic” items for the house too.  Here’s our shopping experience in pictures.

It was a rainy, cold day.  Perfect for shopping indoors!

The first thing we saw when we got in the store was adorable pajama outfits – Christmas and non-holiday for babies up to adults.  Rosie love, love, loves pajamas and she ran straight to the ones in her size.  Two pairs into our cart!  The price tags said only $8 but wait!  There was a buy one, get one 60% sign.  They were only $12.20 for two or $6.10 each!!!  Seriously!  $6.10 each!!  Yikes!!

Then we moved on to Rosie’s favorite, toys!  We are big Toy Story fans and that caught her eye first, but she fell in love with the bride doll (only $5!).  Look at her cheesy grin :)

Then it was Mom’s turn in the housewares aisle.  I always keep a spare shower curtain liner but I put it under the Christmas tree to keep the carpet dry in case of spills, so I needed to replace it.  I found a nice heavy gauge one for $6.50.  Not a huge bargain but a good price.  I decided to put a new one in our extra bathroom also, so two went in the cart.  (You’ll notice I tend to shop in pairs!)  When we do craft projects or I just want a break from protecting our wood kitchen table, I put on vinyl tablecloths.  There was a nice selection and they were only $3.50 each!  Yup, you guessed it… two in the cart!

More fun for Rosie with the Christmas decorations and she wanted a tiny little stocking for her stuffed lamb-ie.  38 cents!  So much fun for 38 cents!

I have been searching and searching for Christmas Disney princess wrapping paper – even calling a whole bunch of stores in our area.  Guess what I found at Family Dollar?

Here are some awesome things I loved, but didn’t pick up on this trip.

Okay time to go!  Here’s our cart full of GREAT BARGAINS from Family Dollar!  I felt as if I saved at least 50% over shopping at other stores.

Disclosure of Material Connection:  All opinions are my own, unless otherwise stated.  I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Family Dollar and received a gift card to facilitate my review.  This disclosure is in accordance with FTC guidelines.


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