Summer Sleep Tips! Giveaway: Protect-A-Bed Luxury Mattress Protector (US, 7/30)

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Have you abandoned bedtimes for the summer?

Are you struggling to get enough sleep because of:

  • changes in schedules
  • extreme heat
  • extra hours of sunlight
  • summer travel
  • busy schedules?

One of the ways to improve your sleep quality and experience is to create a sleep sanctuary in your bedroom.  Here are some tips, to help you make sleeping a pleasant and refreshing time.

Tip #1  Go to bed at the same time every night.

Your body truly thrives on routine.  By having a healthy respect for your “internal clock” you will fall asleep easier and faster.

Tip #2  Have allergen-free bedding.

According to Protect-A-Bed, “the number of adults and children with allergies is growing. The Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America estimates that more than 60 million people in the United States live with asthma and related allergies. Dust mites, found in unprotected mattresses, can often trigger an asthma attack, so the bedroom is frequently recommended as the most important room to allergen-proof.

Tip #3  Keep your bedroom at a consistent, cool temperature.

Everyone has a difficult time sleeping in a warm, stuffy room.  Make sure that you have fresh, cool air in your bedroom.  Not only will you fall asleep faster, but you will stay asleep.  There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night hot, sweating, and in a stuffy room.

Tip #4  Have light-control window treatments.

Even though it may stay light later in the summer evenings and the sun comes up earlier in the morning, with light-control window treatments, you are able to have as much, or as little!, light as you want.

Tip #5 Replace old, worn mattresses.

Have you checked your mattress lately?  If you are waking up feeling more tired than when you went to bed, or waking up frequently during the night, it might be time to replace your mattress!

The people at Protect-A-Bed are experts in creating an effective sleep environment.  In addition to “Bed Bug Kits”, “Allergy Kits” and “Student Kits”, for the ultimate sleep experience they also have a luxury line.

“The Luxury Sleep line of products features an all-natural Eucalyptus based fabric. Eucalyptus fiber is naturally thermo-regulating, keeping you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. It helps to wick moisture away from the surface, while its hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties provide a clean hygienic sleep zone, perfect for those with sensitive skin. Combined with our Miracle Membrane®, the Luxury Sleep line also provides waterproof stain protection, as well as a barrier to dust mites and allergens. Smoother-than-cotton Eucalyptus fibers make for the ultimate silky and soft sleeping surface.”

I am particularly prone to temperature changes at night and dislike being too warm.  As soon as I lay on the sheet, with the Protect-A-Bed Luxury Mattress Protector underneath, I could feel a difference.  It felt cool to the touch and stayed cool.

We have a thick California King bed and I get very frustrated with bedding that is too tight or difficult to put on.  The Protect-A-Bed Luxury Mattress Protector was neither of those things.  It went on easily and there was plenty of room in the fit.

Protect-A-Bed promises the cleanest, driest, and smoothest sleeping surface possible with their Eucalyptus fiber bedding and Miracle Membrane technology.  They claim to achieve the healthiest possible sleep environment and deliver on that claim!

One lucky KLY reader is going to receive a Protect-A-Bed Luxury Mattress Protector in their choice of sizes!  

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Disclosure of Material Connection:  I was sent a Protect-A-Bed Luxury Mattress Protector for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.


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    Protect-A-Bed products are completely pesticide free!

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    Kim Reid says:

    The Protectabed Luxury Mattress Protector is naturally thermo-regulating, for the perfect sleeping temperature all year round.

  3. 3

    They won’t irritate other family members with allergies because they’re free of pesticides.

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