Support Military Families By Eating Cookies? I’m In! #KatysGoodness #ThankAVeteran #Sponsored #MC

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Veterans Cemetary

Veteran’s Day is tomorrow.  Will you be remembering someone special?  It’s a double for me, my Dad was very proud of his military service and coincidentally, his birthday was November 11th.  My Dad passed away last year and one of the mementos I have is his military medals.  It was a unique time in his life, his military service.  He was very young and volunteered to serve in World War II.  In the Air Force, he was a navigator based in England during most of his service.  The other members of his crew were lifelong friends, they had reunions every few years and always kept in touch.


My Dad is buried in a National Cemetery in Illinois and whenever I visit, I’m overwhelmed at the sight of all the white markers.  So many, many, Americans who have served their country.  So many families affected.  Who is a veteran in your family?


When I heard about a company called, Katy’s Goodness, I was instantly interested.  Katy’s LLC was founded in 2004 by Chef Kathleen (Katy) Frantz.  Katy’s is focused on creating foods that are not only better for you, but also help support communities one product at a time.



I was lucky to try samples of My OH Mega Cookies.  They have been earmarked for our military community and are set to make a difference at a very local level. With every purchase, Katy’s will donate funds to military veterans and their families to help with disabilities, job training, unemployment, housing, health care, suicide, and education.  Katy partnered with Easter Seals and Student Veterans of America.  Katy’s also partnered with Kenmore/Sears to send 250,000 My OH Mega® Cookies across the world to the troops.  And in addition…. the cookies are delicious!  They are high in fiber, high in protein, and all-natural.

#KatysGoodness BagsThe flavors are tantalizing:

  • Chocolate Hazelnut
  • Chocolate Chunk
  • County Fruit & Cashew Butter
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter

#KatysGoodness Choc Peanut Butter

The Thank a Deserving Veteran campaign lets us do a random act of kindness and send a worthy veteran a cookie care package.  It includes shipping and is comprised of six, bags of Katy’s Goodness My OH Mega® Cookies, a thank you card, and printed information on organizations that support America’s military veteran community with housing, jobs, education, and medical and mental health services. Each Katy’s Goodness bag includes about a dozen cookies. Once a care package is purchased, Katy’s Goodness will automatically ship the package to a military veteran through their partners on behalf of the purchaser.

Please give me a retweet and help a veteran!  If I receive 30 retweets, Katy’s Goodness will send a Katy’s Goodness Cookie Care Package to a military veteran. 

Connect with Katy’s Goodness here:

Katy’s Goodness Website

Katy’s Goodness Facebook

Katy’s Goodness Twitter

Learn more about the Thank a Deserving Veteran campaign

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