What Do You Think Of When You Hear “Snuggle, Baby Magic, and Cinnabon”? I Think, “Home” and “Comfort” #AirWickFamiliarFavorites #MC

A particular scent will evoke specific memories, influence your mood, give you energy, make you sleepy and even affect your physical and mental abilities.  The part of your brain that processes emotion and the part that is responsible for learning are both closely accessible to the olfactory center in the brain.  A scent becomes a cue that brings up feelings and memories.  What do you think of when you smell Snuggle, Baby Magic, or Cinnabon? … [Read more...]

Seasonal Decorating Made Easy with Renuzit Scents for Your Home – Giveaway! (Ends 9/28, US)

When I redecorated the living room in our home, we went from "sixties church lobby" to "cozy and chic".  Seriously, I know it was church-lobby, because when I sold our sofa in a garage sale, guess who bought it?  Yup, a church.  For their lobby.  Ew.  I'm embarrassed.  Okay, moving on... I scoured blogs before settling on a decorating plan.  Blogs are the best place to find ideas, of course!  Have you ever read Nesting Place?  I had … [Read more...]