Giveaway: $25 Amazon or Paypal and “What Color is Monday?” A Mother’s Journey Everyone Should Read! (US, Ends 11/16)

Did you catch my review of the book, "What Color is Monday?"  Author, Carrie Cariello has graciously extended a giveaway to the readers of Kelly's Lucky You!  I'm so excited because I loved this book.  I can't encourage you enough to read about Carrie's journey. "What Color Is Monday?" will give you insight into the world of autistic children and a better understanding of what and why families go through when their child is affected by … [Read more...]

Reminder of Kindness and Understanding for Halloween

  I posted a review of the book, "What Color is Monday?" today.  It's an insightful and inspirational look at a family that includes a child diagnosed with autism.  Enthusiastic 5 stars! Thumbs Up!  Must read! … [Read more...]

Book Review: “What Color is Monday?” by Carrie Cariello

“What color do you see for Monday?” my son Jack asked as I heaved a chicken into the oven.  “What?” I said distractedly, turning from the oven to slice some potatoes at the counter.  It was late afternoon one day last fall, and I was preparing dinner and managing the demands of homework and tired toddlers.(One was in a tiara.) "What color is Monday?” he asked again, his robotic voice rising ever so slightly in irritation.  “I … [Read more...]