Back-to-School Checklist #AOA #DigitalEyeStrain #ReadyforSchool #MCC #Sponsored

Back to School Checklist   School Supplies Backpack Fall Clothes/Uniforms New Shoes Carpool Health Physical Allergy Action Plan Medication Authorization Proof of Immunization Dentist Eye Exam Often a children's eye exam can fall to the end of a checklist and we run out of time with all the back-to-school things we have to get done.  But please don't forget or postpone this important item.  Just before my … [Read more...]

Enter to Win Back-To-School Supplies from Great Clips #GreatList! (Ends 9/5)

Click here to ENTER. Have you seen the back-to-school supply list for your kids yet?  I downloaded my daughter's tonight from her school's website.  I was afraid to look!  It seems like the older she gets, the more expensive the supplies get. Here at Kelly's Lucky You, I'm all about being lucky.  I hope one of my readers will win the Great Clips Back-to-School #GreatList Contest!  Great Clips is helping families by giving them the … [Read more...]