Pumpkin-y Brunch! Moments of Connection with Friends, Family, Taster’s Choice Coffee and Pumpkin Spice Coffee-mate!

Welcome to our home! Isn't it fun to connect with friends and family? Everyone gets busy and it's difficult to find time to get together.  Especially in the fall, there is so much going on.  We have some friends that we used to have fun with on "game nights". but now it's tough to find an open evening to get together.  I had the idea to try a brunch!  And what better way to celebrate the fall season with friends than some delicious pumpkin … [Read more...]

Twitter Party Alert! #rubi2go 10/16 1PM ET – Prizes $500 in Walmart GCs! RSVP Here!

Join me at the #rubi2go Twitter Party!   Rubi combines innovative technology with traditional brewing techniques to deliver great coffee. Your on-demand cup starts with fresh, premium-quality whole beans roasted to perfection. Rubi runs them through a Swiss-made burr grinder seconds before immersing them in filtered hot water for maximum freshness. The grounds are steeped in our French press style brew chamber at exactly the right temperature … [Read more...]