Sailing on the Disney Wonder – Land Excursion, Skagway #DisneyCruise

Our first port on the 7-night cruise was Skagway, Alaska.  The ship docks near town and you can get off the ship to explore.  Tours are available to do a variety of different activities from historical tours to zip lining.  The Disney Cruise website is full of resources and information and especially user-friendly when it comes to choosing a land adventure.  You can independently book tours but when you reserve a Port Adventure with Disney … [Read more...]

Sailing on the Disney Wonder – The Food, Glorious Food! #DisneyCruise

When you hear the word, "cruise", what do you think of?  Amazing food, I know, right?  No matter what the destination, cruise ships are known for having delicious and plentiful food! You can count on Disney for fun, luxury accommodations, world-class service AND incredibly delicious food.  There are numerous restaurants on the ship, from pizza counters to fine dining.  Meals or snacks are available at all times of the day or … [Read more...]

Sailing On The Disney Wonder – Things To Do On The Ship #DisneyCruise

There is so much to do on a cruise ship, especially a Disney ship!  We had a blast and I'm convinced all the activities are the reason I didn't gain any weight - despite eating anything and everything I wanted for a week.  Our whole family was busy and loved the days at sea as much as the port adventures.   Each evening of the cruise, our steward, Michael, would straighten up our cabin and leave us a fun towel animal, chocolates, … [Read more...]

Sailing On The Disney Wonder – The Staterooms #DisneyCruise

Have you ever wondered what a stateroom on a Disney cruise ship looks like?  I'd never been on a cruise before we went early this month.  My only reference was from the movie, Out to Sea with Jack Lemmon.  I was very excited to find that it was spacious, comfortable, well-decorated, and had amazing storage space. There was a dividing curtain between the bed, sleeping area and the sitting, couch area.  That especially came in handy when I … [Read more...]

Things To Do In Vancouver Canada Before Your Alaska Cruise #DisneyCruise

Our Disney cruise to Alaska sailed from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  We decided to arrive the day before so we could have a relaxing embarkation process and be rested for our first day.  When you do online check-in for a Disney Cruise, you are given a time to board the ship.  We chose the earliest time available to us, which was 11:30 am.  The more time on board, the better!  We didn't want to take any chance of missing the sailing … [Read more...]

How We Chose Our Alaskan Cruise – Things To Consider When Deciding On A Cruise Line and Cruise Ship

Dream come true... for years I've dreamed of going to Alaska. Now we're going to go! Early in our marriage, my husband and I talked about someday seeing the wilds of this beautiful destination, Alaska.  Sean has been watching Gold Rush, Build It Alaska, and other reality tv shows that take place in Alaska and aching to see this amazing land for himself.   I'm so excited that this dream of seeing Alaska will actually be coming true! The … [Read more...]