Recipe: Rock Star Brownies with Old London Melba Toast and a Once-in-a-lifetime Trip to the Greek Islands!

These brownies are ah-mazing!  Do you know someone who loves chocolate?  *pointing at myself*  They are called "Mediterranean Cafe Mocha Bars" officially, but I'm calling them Rock Star Brownies.  Serve them with the suggested vanilla ice cream and your family will be calling YOU a Rock Star! The recipe for the brownies was developed by Chef Johnny Iuzzini, an award winning pastry chef.  Chef Iuzzini is working with Old London and has … [Read more...]

Sweet Corn = Summer Sunshine! Easy, Delicious, and Fresh – How to Cook Fresh Sweet Corn and Recipe for Corn Chowder!

Fresh Bright Sunshine Sweet Delicious Summer What do you think of when you think of sweet corn?  Corn on the cob is a huge part of our summer menus.  It's so easy to cook and makes any meal a summer feast!  If you are serving hamburgers or hot dogs... "yawn" add corn on the cob?  You've got a summer celebration! How do you cook your sweet corn?  If it's just the three of us, we wrap our cleaned (husk and silk off) corn in a damp paper … [Read more...]