Walgreens Is At The Corner of Happy and Healthy – I’m Happy Because My @Walgreens Saves Me Time

We've all heard the Walgreen's slogan "At the Corner of Happy and Healthy".  I'm happy because my Walgreen's is saving me time - it has gone above and beyond "convenient" with their Photo App and Food Oasis. I've been reminiscing about fun adventures in the last few years and one of them was when I attended a taping of the Oprah Show.  I thought it would be fun to invite the friends who went with me to a, "hey, remember this" lunch!  We had … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Food for Sunday’s Big Game – Everything You Need @Walgreens!

Sunday is the big football championship game between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco '49ers!  Are you having a party to watch the big game with friends, family or a special someone?  Time is short for all of us and Walgreens can make it quick and easy for you!  They have everything you need for a Big Game Feast!  On your way home from work, stop by your local Walgreens.  I shopped on Sunday and because my family is used to doing … [Read more...]