Hey, Moms! Easy Back-to-School Shopping. Make It Fun! #ZapposStyle #MC #Sponsored

Is it fun to shop for back-to-school clothes for your kids?  Tell the truth....  Once my daughter became old enough to try on clothes in the store, the fun factor definitely went down.  Going into a dressing room with more than one outfit is a true exercise in patience.  Going to more than one store?  *sigh* It's tough!  And I only have one child!  I cannot even begin to imagine what it's like for moms that have more than one!  Ah, you … [Read more...]

Back to School Shopping: Uniform Style at CookiesKids.com #CookiesKids #CBias

  Back to School with Uniforms from CookiesKids.com by kellysluckyyou on Polyvore More and more kids are wearing uniforms to school.  My six year old, Rosie, goes to a public charter school, that requires uniforms.  The school is math and science focused with many outdoor activities.  The uniform reflects that with jeans, navy or khaki bottoms and school t-shirt tops.  It's always a challenge to find the right uniform bottoms that … [Read more...]