Appliance Update – One Year Later and Loving My Maytag Kitchen!

In preparing to write this post, I was looking back at the "before" pictures of my kitchen.  Wow.  The difference the Maytag appliances have made in the "look" of my kitchen is incredible.  Now I'm kind of embarrassed that I didn't have matching appliances, but I truly didn't know what an impact it had. When the new Maytag kitchen appliances first came I cleaned them every day - they looked spotless.  I have to admit that the zeal for … [Read more...]

Mistakes I Made When Choosing My Old Kitchen Appliances – My “Museum of Historical Appliance Colors”

Kitchen appliances are one of the largest investments of money and functionality in your home!  Just think about how many times that refrigerator door opens every day. I remember my very first "owned" stove and refrigerator.  My grandfather gave me his old ones to put in my first house.  He loved fried foods and was a typical guy - you can imagine the condition of the stove.  I spent hours and hours cleaning both the stove and … [Read more...]