Love “How To Train Your Dragon”? Then You’ll Be Crazy For Netflix “Dragons: Race to the Edge”! #StreamTeam

This summer, Hiccup and Toothless, from the critically acclaimed How to Train Your Dragon films are embarking on unparalleled adventures in the all-new Netflix original series Dragons: Race to the Edge - and inviting you along for the dragon ride. Soaring beyond their home on the island of Berk in search of new dragons, Dragons: Race to the Edge introduces some of the most exciting dragons yet, each with its own amazing abilities -- shock … [Read more...]

Squeeeee! “Orange Is The New Black” Is Back! #StreamTeam

  Orange Is The New Black SEASON THREE!!! 13 Episodes on NETFLIX Have you heard?  Have you watched?   Squeeee!  I'm going to have to set aside some time after my daughter is asleep....  What did you think of last season's ending?  I actually talked OUT LOUD to my television.  That doesn't happen often unless maybe it's a sports event. Speaking of binge watching (that's how I watch Orange), have you seen Grace and Frankie? … [Read more...]

Netflix Can Help You Survive The Summer Hiatus #StreamTeam

Thank goodness for Netflix!  It's a rainy day and it seems like we have seen everything on television a bazillion times already.  Okay, I'm exaggerating, but that's the way it feels sometimes, isn't it?  It's true in the evenings too - we can't seem to find anything to watch on "regular" tv.  Yesterday, I put the premieres of my favorite shows on my Google Calendar.  What?  Don't judge, I'm missing them! Netflix has saved us with … [Read more...]

Ideas for Summer Projects and Rainy Day Play from #NetflixKids #StreamTeam

"School's out for........ SUMMER!"  And that means you are going to have activities to plan for days your kids are home.  *worried*  How about putting on a musical?  Set up a stage in the backyard and let your little ones sing away.  Netflix has given me a list of favorites for older kids and sing-a-longs for the little ones. For older … [Read more...]