Top 5 Chicago Places To Make Priceless Memories #LoveThisCity #Priceless #MC

  What do you think of when you hear "Chicago"? Windy City... Chicago Cubs... Chicago Fire... Lakeshore... Home. Even as a native Chicagoan, I still get goosebumps when I turn onto Lakeshore Drive and see the skyline and the lake.  Chicago is such a beautiful city.  We don't have the weather of Los Angeles or the size of New York, but actually it is those things that make it special.  Our changing seasons provide beautiful … [Read more...]

A Truly Priceless Experience At Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field #PricelessChicago #MC

Have you ever wondered what it's like to play on a major league baseball field? What is it like to sit in the press box or the dugout? What does the famous ivy at Wrigley Field look like up close? Have you ever followed in the footsteps of one of your childhood heroes? Rosie and I can answer those questions and more!  Because I'm a MasterCard holder, we were able to attend the "Tour & Play Catch" Priceless Moment event at Wrigley Field … [Read more...]

Chicago Traditions? …. Priceless! Special Access Not Available to the General Public? #PricelessChicago

Christmas season My prettiest dress, my shiniest shoes Going into the city, tall buildings, hustle and bustle The decorations, the bright colors, the fancy elevator Wow, the giant tree, the sparkling lights The white tablecloths, silver and china Mommy speaking in hushed tones and treating me like a princess It's like a fairy tale. Those are my memories of the times my mom and I would go into Chicago for lunch at the Walnut Room, under … [Read more...]