Sweet Corn = Summer Sunshine! Easy, Delicious, and Fresh – How to Cook Fresh Sweet Corn and Recipe for Corn Chowder!

Fresh Bright Sunshine Sweet Delicious Summer What do you think of when you think of sweet corn?  Corn on the cob is a huge part of our summer menus.  It's so easy to cook and makes any meal a summer feast!  If you are serving hamburgers or hot dogs... "yawn" add corn on the cob?  You've got a summer celebration! How do you cook your sweet corn?  If it's just the three of us, we wrap our cleaned (husk and silk off) corn in a damp paper … [Read more...]

Cooking with Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss! Taste Test With The Three Flavors!

Have you seen my other posts about the new creamer from Coffee-Mate?  Last time, I compared the ingredient labels of other creamers with Natural Bliss.  It was kind of scary! My favorite thing about it is the all-natural, simple ingredients.  Compared to other alternatives, it tastes delicious, is natural and stays fresh for a long time.  Not only do I put it in my coffee, but I also use it in recipes.  It's become a staple in my … [Read more...]