Viewing Guide to the Oscars – In the Know for the 2011 Academy Awards

Are you going to watch the Oscars next Sunday?  The 2011 Academy Awards will air on Sunday 2/27/2011. If you haven't seen all the nominated movies, or even if you have, here's a Quick Viewing Guide with notes about each movie.  I've put them in the order of my favorites.  Have fun exploring and I hope you enjoy the show next week.  If you like twitter, look for the hashtag and watch along with fellow enthusiasts.  It might be #Oscars or … [Read more...]

…..And the Winner Is….. Coming in 10 days!

The Academy Awards are only 10 days away!  Are you ready?  We are planning our annual "red rug" party - Rosie named it that when she didn't understand "red carpet". I still have a few movies I'd like to see before then, how about you?  How many of the nominees have you seen? Best Picture “Black Swan” Mike Medavoy, Brian Oliver and Scott Franklin, Producers “The Fighter” David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman and Mark Wahlberg, … [Read more...]

More Golden Globe Award Fashion – Part II

Continuing from the first post, Golden Globe Red Carpet Fashion Recap... Dress: Grade D Hair: Grade B Make-up: Grade B Being pregnant, doesn't stop stars from looking fabulous, in fact, the "glow" often enhances their look.  I thought this was a mis-step for actress Natalie Portman, though.  She was nominated and won for her lead role in "Black Swan" but falls into the Worst Dressed Category for me! In her acceptance speech, Natalie … [Read more...]

Golden Globe Red Carpet Fashion Recap

Did you have fun watching the Golden Globe Awards last night?  I love red carpet fashion and here is my picks and pans. What did you think of Ricky Gervais?  I thought he went too far in his often-cruel jokes. When introducing Bruce Willis, Gervais called him, "Ashton Kucher's dad." Rosie and I are already starting to plan our "Red Rug" party for Oscar night! This is my favorite fashion of the night! Dress: Grade A+ Hair: Grade … [Read more...]

Best and Worst of the Oscar Fashion

Rosie calls it the "Red Rug Party". Her Grandma and I love to watch the fashions. Here's my picks and pans - for dress, makeup, and hair. And SHOES!I loved the color of Charlize Theron's dress, but the placement of the light violet in the front?Hmmm, what do you see comin' at ya ?Speaking of comin' at ya.....I loved, Sandra Bullock's dress, but her makeup? Lips, lips, LIPS, comin' at ya!Okay, on to hair, Anna Kendrick was one of my … [Read more...]