Cypher Entertainment’s Augmented Reality Learning Cards at Target! Cypher Kids Club i3D Interactive Cards! #CypherKidsClub #CBias

Cypher Entertainment has a new augmented reality product available at Target called Cypher Kids Learning Cards.  Rosie and I have been playing with the Wild Animal Adventures set and as you can see from the look on her face, she loves them! Have you seen augmented reality before?  It fascinates me!  Applications like the Cypher Kids Club Learning Cards go way beyond that yellow line you see during football games to mark a first down! … [Read more...]

Mario Lopez, Please Makeover My Man! Men’s Fashion Do’s and Don’ts! New #MaLoUnderwear

Are you proud of the way your man looks?  Do you feel good taking him to an event with your co-workers?  Do you love posing for pictures with your guy?  Well, if not, (and believe me most of us are cringing right now) here's some tips and motivation to makeover your man! Did you hear Mario Lopez has come out with a new line of men's underwear?  It's so good, it's bad. Men's Fashion "Don'ts" for Your Guy 1. Don't get stuck in the … [Read more...]