Ten Tips To Prevent Sports Injuries

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Nearly 30 million children participate in organized sports each year and every year 3.5 million children are treated for sports injuries. There are many general practices that can help families and their children prevent a majority of these sports related injuries, however many of them are often ignored and overlooked. The sports medicine team at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago along with Kohl’s Cares has put together a really fun and informative sports safety graphic along with a guide of general tips for preventing common injuries for children participating in school sports.  (and pertains to adults, as well!)

1.  Warm up
2.  Stretching
3.  Rest
4.  Hydrate
5.  Respond Promptly to Injuries
6.  Participate in a Variety of Sports
7.  Begin New Activities Slowly
8.  Use the Right Equipment
9.  Get a Sports Physical
10. Participate in Coached Activities

For more information, visit the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago website.

About Play it Safe with Kohl’s 

Kohl’s Department Store helped create the Play it Safe with Kohl’s program at Lurie Children’s, which focuses on injury prevention in neighborhoods throughout Chicago. The initiatives includeplayground safety, home safety and school sports safety tips. Kohl’s also helps fund research programs to track injury trends, youth development and poison prevention.

For more information about programs and research, please contact Amy Hill at 312.227.6692 oralhill@luriechildrens.org.

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  1. 1
    Sandra VanHoey says:

    Great tips and so important as the season is about to start for so many of our kids. I think many like to jump right in and not do warm-ups or stretching and also don’t want to take the time to hydrate.

  2. 2

    these injures are a really scary thought and the tips are very helpful

  3. 3
    Karen Glatt says:

    Warming up is so important for not getting Sports injuries. To just go at exercising cold turkey is a way to damage the joints and get injured. These are very good tips for not getting injured.

  4. 4

    Sometimes I forgot to do warm up, and, well, something teribble follow, heheh.

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