The Charge, Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive #ChargedLife

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Picture a rock.  Now, picture a diamond.  That’s how I visualize the difference between the way most people go through their lives, and the vibrant life that Brendon Burchard describes in his New York Times Bestseller, The Charge.

Does your life have sparkle like that diamond?  Burchard writes, “Like everyone else, you have everything they say you “need” – safety, shelter, sustenance – and yet there are too many days that you don’t feel as excited, productive, or fulfilled as you thought you would.”  At first I thought he was talking about an adrenaline rush, like doing exciting, possibly dangerous things.  But that would put you on a roller coaster life.  The type of energy and engagement that Burchard discusses is a consistent life-changing force.

But how do I achieve a life of feeling alive and fulfilled?  Now that I know what Burchard means, how do I get there?  He quickly dives in to what he calls the ten human drives that when activated, give your life a spark and sparkle.  The book, The Charge,  is a well written, well organized guide to identifying and activating the drives that lead to a fulfilled life.

The chapter that struck the strongest chord for me was “The Drive for Control”.   Something that I have struggled with my whole life.  What I found in this chapter that I haven’t read anywhere else is “The Control for New” .  Burchard advises us to consciously, purposely, include novelty and challenge into our lives.  I’m very much of a lifelong learner.  I love learning new things, new skills, meeting new people.  It does “charge” my brain when I encounter opportunities to experience new things.  But I realized reading this book that I don’t act on that and purposefully (is that a word?) include it in my schedule.  I am resolving today to do that!  Our community is rich with opportunities for exploring nature – trails, parks, and a variety of venues.  I’m going to set aside one day a month, and explore a new place!

I encourage you to read The Charge, and find your own way to live a “charged life”!  


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