The Haan “Total” Cut My Floor Cleaning Chore In Half! Read More To See How!

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How do you clean your floor?  We have ceramic tile in our kitchen/dining area and to clean it, I first vacuum and then wet mop.  It works, but it takes me a long time and to be honest?  It’s not one of my favorite jobs.

I’ve found something that cuts my chore in half!  The “Total” from Haan not only sweeps, it mops AT THE SAME TIME!  AND because it’s steam, it also does it without soapy chemicals.  It made my floor look beautiful.  I was (and am) truly impressed.

The first thing I noticed about the Haan when I first saw it at the 2012 Housewares Show in Chicago, was the style and color.  The machine itself has a great look – the black and red grab your eye.  The high-polish and sleek shape make it look contemporary and modern. I didn’t try it for a few weeks after it arrived in a huge box.  I thought Sean was going to have to put it together for me and I couldn’t find the right time to ask him, he’s been busy with a lot of projects lately.  Then one day, I thought, I can do this myself, I’m going to give it a try.  I opened the box and it was half packing peanuts!  I was already feeling better about it.  I opened the inner box, pulled out the pieces and sat down to read the directions.  While I was silently reading the directions, my six year old daughter, Rosie…  put it together.  Seriously, all you had to do was connect the handles and she put it together!  *blush*.

Going past the sleek look of the Total, the next feature I noticed was the long cord.  Yay!  The Haan company was founded and is owned by a woman and I can tell.  Just sayin’.  Anyway, I tried the vacuum part first and it did a nice  job picking up all the crumbs etc that are typical of any home with a six year old in residence.  Then I thought, wait, the best thing about this particular model is that you can sweep and steam at the same time.  Why was I only vacuuming?  I read the instructions and the steam function was very easy to use.  There is a clear (nice because you can see how much is left) spray-type bottle on the back that you fill with water, press the “steam” button, put the microfiber pad on the bottom, and wait a few seconds for it to heat up.  Away you go!  You can steam clean either with or without the vacuum running (separate on/off).  If you don’t have a six year old, oops, I mean a lot of crumbs, you can just steam clean and the microfiber pad will pick up small debris.

Another thing I noticed about the Total, is that it isn’t loud.  It is much quieter than a full suction vacuum.  And if you are like me and like to do a quick clean up after a meal, the steam cleaner is completely quiet and won’t disturb tv watchers in the next room.  Yes, Sean and Rosie are usually watching tv while I’m cleaning up the kitchen.  And if your family is like mine, they always seems to need something in the kitchen as soon as you start cleaning.  The floor is wet, they complain…  well, you won’t have that problem anymore.  The steam dries very quickly, leaving a clean AND dry floor.

One feature that I don’t want to forget to mention is the maneuverability.  The swivel head is very smooth and the Total turns on a dime.  It’s perfect for getting hard-to-reach areas, edges and corners.  It’s very easy to bend the unit to a low profile for going under obstacles.  When you push it, it seems to automatically swivel and almost bend to reach everywhere.  I was surprised at how easy it was.

Watch this video to see the Total, clean an area of my kitchen floor.  Warning:  Very messy floor!

Stain on grout…


The microfiber pad before and after:

Have you heard about or tried steam cleaning?  If not and you want to read more about it, here’s a past post, Why Should We Be Cleaning With Steam? about the benefits of this way of cleaning.  It’s very popular around the world but is just starting to catch on in a big way in the US.

There are a whole lot of reasons to purchase a Haan – the company has been in business for years and has a strong worldwide reputation – but the combination of steam and vacuum was what put this unit over and above all the others for me.  This is a quick, easy, effective, and even stylish way to clean your floors.  And that makes me feel lucky!

Stay tuned because I’m going to try steam cleaning “beyond floors” in future posts and another great unit from Haan.  There will also be more about the history of this interesting company.

Disclosure of Material Connection:  The Haan company sent me a Total for review.  All opinions are my own.

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