The "Old Spice Guy" says Goodbye?

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Have you seen the YouTube videos of the Old Spice guy? One of the latest viral ad campaigns is from none other than Old Spice. No longer your Grandpa’s after shave, Old Spice is getting millions of hits on their ads consisting of a very hot guy in a towel answering fans twitter questions in his YouTube videos. People are tweeting him asking for videos responding to all sorts of burning questions, “From how many teeth does a shark have?” to “Would you propose to my girlfriend for me?”.

Who is this guy? His name is Isaiah Mustafa and he’s a former NFL football player turned actor. One hot AND funny guy – an unbeatable combination. He even tells his fans who ask about his relationship status, he has a girlfriend and if he doesn’t make that clear? “She will kill me, she will be after me, high heels in hand,” he says in mock terror, adding a good-natured chuckle. “Let that be known, I have a girlfriend!” That makes him even more attractive, somehow, doesn’t it?

Some of the videos –

When the Chicago Blackhawks asked him what he would do with the Stanley Cup if he had it for a day? Old Spice and the Chicago Blackhawks

My favorite – his daughter Hayley, tweeted, “why do you look so much like my Dad?” Old Spice and Hayley Mustafa

Another fave – proposal to tweeter’s girlfriend Old Spice Guy Proposes for @Jsbeals

and…. here’s his farewell video Old Spice Guy’s Goodbye


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    I do not want this man to leave! He is so gorgeous and as you pointed out, a lovely guy to boot. I suspect, however, we shall see a lot more of him in bigger and better things. But this has been one of the most clever and unique ad campaigns I have seen in a long time.

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    Ah yes, the Old Spice man *sigh*. love those commercials, just saw it on youtube for the first time yesterday!
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