The Race Across America And FedEx SenseAware? What Do They Have In Common?

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Race Across America Team #T805 - Ohio CycleWorks Charities

The Race Across America has begun!  It’s known as the “World’s Toughest Bicycle Race”.  Competitors in this 3,000 mile ultra-marathon bicycle race take approximately ten days to go from the West Coast of the US to the East Coast.  This year it started Oceanside, California and ends in Annapolis, Maryland.  The race is unique in that there are no stages or specific rest periods.  The clock runs from the start to the finish, with no breaks.  The winner is the rider who can ride the fastest while also making fewer and shorter stops.  According to the race website, “The solos at the front of the race sleep as little as 90 minutes a day. Just to finish within the 12 day time limit, racers can’t afford to sleep more than about 4 hours a day at the most.”

FedEx is sponsoring the Ohio CycleWorks bike team this year in the Race Across America.  This is my first year following the race and I’m very excited to hear about this once-in-a-lifetime experience.  What an amazing way to see this great country!  I’ve had a few experiences where I’ve been fortunate to do something extraordinary and bond with the group of people experiencing the same adventure.  It’s truly special.


A FedEx executive once said, “… information about the package is as important as the package itself.”  Isn’t that one of the main reasons we’ve loved FedEx?  Not only dependability, but tracking.  You can track and know where your package is throughout it’s route.  FedEx has created a product that takes that tracking to an ultimate x-level.  It’s called SenseAware.  Now you can not only know the last place your package was logged, you can know where it is in real time.  Amazed?  Just wait.  You can also know the temperature it is experiencing, whether it is exposed to light, humidity, and even barometric pressure.  This type of service is important for healthcare and life sciences, aerospace, the arts, financial institutions and more. Anyone who ships high-value, highly sensitive products.


So what do Race Across America and SenseAware have in common?  A SenseAware device will travel with the Ohio CycleWorks team throughout the entire race!  Click here to check on the rider’s progress and see what environment they are experiencing.  When I just checked, it was 81 degrees and they are in Oceanside Ca.


This is what the screen looks like if you are the actual sender of the package:

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received compensation from FedEx for covering the use of SenseAware® technology during the 2012 Race Across America. My ideas and opinions relayed in this blog post and any related Twitter discussions are the my own and are not provided by FedEx or its affiliates and subsidiaries.


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    That is a long bike race!

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    Very cool! It’s like Iron Man on bikes!

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    what a good cause- good luck to everyone :)

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