What Do You Think Of When You Hear “Snuggle, Baby Magic, and Cinnabon”? I Think, “Home” and “Comfort” #AirWickFamiliarFavorites #MC

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A particular scent will evoke specific memories, influence your mood, give you energy, make you sleepy and even affect your physical and mental abilities.  The part of your brain that processes emotion and the part that is responsible for learning are both closely accessible to the olfactory center in the brain.  A scent becomes a cue that brings up feelings and memories.  What do you think of when you smell Snuggle, Baby Magic, or Cinnabon?  Those are the new scents in the Air Wick Familiar Favorites Collection.  All of them bring up different feelings for me, but something they all have in common is home and comfort.

Air Wick-Familiar Favorites-Snuggle-Baby Magic-Cinnabon

I can just picture the Snuggle cuddly bear falling softly and gently on to the laundry basket full of clean, white laundry…  Doesn’t it relax and comfort you just to see a fuzzy teddy bear?  Doesn’t it make you feel fresh and cozy when you smell newly-washed laundry?  Take a deep breath… Let it out slowly… close your eyes and remember.

air wick and snuggle familiar favorites

I’m choosing Air Wick Snuggle for our bedroom, the clean linen scent is just what I love to wake up to in the morning.  I wake up with the illusion that my laundry isn’t really behind and overflowing the hampers in the nearby closet.  #Don’tWantToThinkAboutIt

Air Wick-Familiar Favorites-Baby Magic-Puppy

Was one of the happiest times in your life when their was a baby in your heart and home?  The smells of baby products always remind me of gentle, loving, chubby little baby hugs.  The familiar pink Baby Magic bottle sitting on the changing table….  Remember your giving your baby a bath?  Gentle, soothing, baby shampoo and baby wash.  Soft, gentle, warm smells of a clean baby bring back a happy feeling for me.  I associate them with giving our little one a bath in our master suite bath, so that’s where I chose to use the Air Wick Baby Magic freshener.

Mmmmm, fresh baking…  Sweet icing…  The Cinnabon warm dough filled with legendary Makara® Cinnamon, topped with rich cream cheese frosting is the inspiration for Air Wick Cinnabon.  Where else would I put this scent but in my kitchen?

Air Wick-Cinnabon-Kitchen-Baking-Familiar Favorites

These three wonderful scents, Snuggle, Cinnabon and Baby Magic are called Air Wick Familiar Favorites and with good reason!  They are the scents of things we all recognize and have happy feelings associated with them.  Scents are highly linked to memories.  I think we all know the feeling and research confirms that in order to recognize a scent, you remember where you have smelled it before.  The circumstances of other times when you have smelled a particular scent are connected to the information categorizing and identifying the smell.

Which Air Wick scent is your favorite?  

What does it remind you of?

Where would it be perfect in your home?

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